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3 Instagram Tips For Better Dental Marketing

Posted on Feb 09, 2021 by Natalie Marinos

    Instagram for dentistsInstagram is the fastest-growing social media platform out there. Instagram is consistently introducing new features that offer added benefits for businesses.

    Instagram, with well over one billion active users, is one of the most reliable online spaces to build your practice’s online presence. Yet, for dental teams still trying to get a good grip on Facebook, expanding to another platform might sound like too much to take on at once. Don't get discouraged over adding Instagram to your practice's toolkit, having an active account is easier than you think!

    Big brands and small businesses alike are using Instagram to build relationships with ideal customers and awareness in their communities through interesting visual content and fan interaction.

    Once you become accustomed to the most useful and helpful ways to create and share Instagram content, it becomes a powerful tool in your dental marketing toolkit. Instagram will help you maintain top-of-mind awareness with patients and introduce your practice to even more potential patients. If you’re ready to attract and retain ideal patients using Instagram, check out how My Social Practice makes it easy!

    While the basic principles of social media marketing and creating good content absolutely does apply to Instagram, the tips in this article focuses on what makes the Instagram platform unique.

    Once you have your business profile filled out and your account linked to your practice’s Facebook page, utilize the following helpful tips to use Instagram to its fullest potential. Get your strategy in place and give your Instagram page a competitive edge with these simple tips!

    3 Tips to Effectively Use Instagram Effectively in Your Dental Marketing


    1. Share Photos of Your Team

    Dental practices across the country consistently report that the best ways to kickstart social media engagement is by sharing photos of their team members. Dental patients become familiar with your team and are engaged on a personal level. In return, you establish the relationships that allow your dental practice to grow. When practices allow potential patients to see who they will be seeing in the office, they get to know and like you before they step foot in your practice.

    Dental team

    2. Engage With Your Patients and Community

    Interacting with patients and other businesses in your community on Instagram is an exceptional way to increase your following. This is especially true for practices just getting started on Instagram.

    Make sure to follow patients that follow you, and Like or Comment on one of their current photos. Reply to comments on your posts and the photos your practice gets tagged in. Explore relevant dental hashtags, and local hashtags and take part in the conversation happening online. A great place to start is to follow local businesses (like referring practices!), doctors, artists, restaurants, and local news channels.

    If you follow someone on Instagram, Like one of their photos, or tag their business location, they’ll receive a notification from you. This increases the possibility of them following you back. Don’t be shy!

    Connecting with patients and businesses keep relationships strong. You never know when someone might make an appointment or refer your practice to a friend simply because of their interactions and impression of your practice online.

    3. Put a Little Money Behind Your Posts

    Instagram uses an algorithm that presents posts to Instagram users based on how relevant it thinks the content is. This means that the more fans interact with your Instagram posts, the higher the likelihood they will see more of your content in the future. However, if someone doesn’t engage with your content, they may not ever see it again. They may not see it again – even if they follow your page!

    Promoting (also known as boosting!) your posts allows you to invest a little bit of money to improve your post’s reach. Promoting your posts will get them seen by more people in your area. Here are some quick guidelines:

    • Start small! Boost a post for just $5 and see how much it increases reach and engagement. Choose posts that already have some engagement for optimal results.
    • Add a call-to-action link. Your regular Instagram posts do not provide an option to put a link in the caption, only promoted ones do. Insert a link to your homepage, Facebook page, or a link to a special offer. Make sure your caption asks your fans to click the link to find out more!
    • Boost posts that invite interaction. Ideal promotions will direct your fans to take an action. For example, run a giveaway that asks people to "Like" your page to enter to win, or direct people to check out your new patient offer on your website. 

    Include Instagram In Your Social Media Strategy

    If your practice doesn't have a business Instagram account, don't wait another second to get started! For the easiest way to get started, check out My Social Practices social media marketing for dentists, which provides all the tools dentists need to build a vibrant, attractive Instagram page in a snap. Don’t have time? Let the experts do it for you.

    To learn more about how to make your dental practice look amazing to your patients, check out our free guide!

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    Natalie Marinos

    Natalie Marinos

    Natalie Marinos is a marketing specialist at My Social Practice, an agency that provides a complete social media marketing solution for dental, orthodontic, and optometric practices. Natalie uses the trust-building capabilities of social media to help businesses connect authentically with their communities and grow their businesses. My Social Practice is a Solutionreach Marketplace partner.

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