Automated Patient Waiting Lists

Posted on Feb 02, 2017 by Solutionreach

Automate Wait List 1.jpgKeeping an appointment calendar full is a struggle most practices face.  Consistently delivering reminders encourages patients to take action and respond to the practice.  As a result, there are going to be patients who need to cancel or reschedule their appointments in advance.  This is an expected part of doing business, so it is important to have a plan in place to fill open appointments caused by a cancelation.

One way to increase the likelihood of filling the cancelled slots is utilizing an automated wait list.  This program can be set up to immediately alert patients of a schedule opening via text message or an email, and a patient who would like to fill the open appointment will contact the practice.  This removes the tedious task of individually contacting patients on the waitlist from the staff, and still fills the openings in the schedule. 

This process will greatly improve the patient experience of both the patients who are in the office, and the patient who is able to fill the open appointment.  By removing the time-consuming process of making individual phone calls every time a patient cancels their appointment, your staff will have more time to interact and engage with the patients in your office.  An attentive staff member can provide a pleasant patient experience. 

The patient who is able to fill the last-minute appointment slot also has a positive experience with your practice because they are able to be by the healthcare provider sooner than they expected.  They will appreciate the opportunity for an earlier appointment.   These positive patient experiences are likely to increase the chance that both patients will return to the practice in the future.

Learn more about the benefits of an automated wait list here.

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