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Customizing Your Practice’s Recall Messages to Increase Your Reactivations: Solutionreach 411

Posted on Dec 15, 2015 by Solutionreach




    Did you know you can customize the Recall messages you send to your patients, advising them they’re due for an appointment in your practice? Taking the time to personalize these messages to appeal to your patients and communicate your practice’s brand can greatly increase their effectiveness. You’ll reactivate far more patients and boost your practice’s revenue.

    The steps for customizing these messages are simple and are as follows:

      1. Go to the Recall section of the Solutionreach platform by clicking the Recall link, found under the Message Center heading on the left-hand navigation menu.

      1. Click the Schedules link at the top of the page to be taken to the tab where all the Recall settings can be modified according to your preferences.

      1. Click the appropriate link for any one of the four available messages you would like to customize: Appointment Due Email, Appointment Due Text Message, Appointment Overdue Email, or Appointment Overdue Text Message.

      1. If you are editing one of the email messages you’ll need to click the blue Edit button in order to make any changes. If you are editing one of the text messages, you’ll be taken directly to the screen where you can make these adjustments. In either case, make any of the changes you’d like.

    1. Lastly, click the blue Save button to put your changes into play.

    That’s it! Update all four of the available messages to meet your practice’s needs and you’re done!

    Taking advantage of the ability to customize and personalize the messages you send makes your patients feel more significant to your practice and can go a long way in improving the patient experience as well as your retention rate.

    And of course, the Solutionreach support team assigned to assist your practice is always standing by to make sure you are using all the tools and features the platform has to offer to ensure maximum profitability and efficiency for your practice’s success.

    If you aren’t currently a Solutionreach customer and want to learn more about customized messaging, visit our website for a free demonstration: www.solutionreach.com.


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