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Eye Care Practice Sees 65% Response Rate to Recall Messages

Posted on Nov 07, 2017 by Alyessa D'Ewart

    Quick Look: 

    • Increased patient recall responses by 65%
    • Added $2.2 million in recall revenue
    • 62,255 appointment reminders sent


    Eyecare practice uses recall to generate revenue

    Today's Vision Sugar Land is part of one of the largest optometry networks in the country. Headed by Dr. Thomas Arnold, Today's Vision Sugar Land is a full-service optometry office that offers general eye care and medical care services. Dr. Arnold has been using Solutionreach, a cloud-based patient relationship management software, for over 10 years to help recall patients and market his practice.

    Case Study

    Today's Vision Sugar Land is a long-time customer of Solutionreach, using the software to automate reminder messages and gather information from their pateints about their experience in the3 office. With the help of Solutionreach, Today's Vision Sugar Land has seen an increase in patient recall and a decrease in the amount of missed appointments. Dr. Arnold says of the old confirmation process, "Depending on the schedule and how many patients you have, that one task can take up a lot of time."

    Quality Service

    With 32 years of optometry under his belt, Dr. Arnold has worked with a lot of different companies. In his mind, however, not many compare to the quality of service he's received from Solutionreah. 

    "Solutionreach is very, very easy to work with," Dr. Arnold said. "They're responsive and professional. It's truly one of the best managed companies I've ever worked with in this business. With Solutionreach, you only have to ask once, and you know it's done right. It's been a pleasure to work with them."

    Secure and Professional Patient Connection

    Today's Vision Sugar Land focuses mostly on retaining patients rather than finding new ones, so they getUsing appointment reminders has helped reduce no-show rates the most out of Solutionreach through patient surveys, recall messages, and email marketing. The practice sees about a 65 percent response rate to the recall messages they send, generating over $2.2 million in revenue during their time with Solutionreach.

    "Solutionreach is very valuable because it enables us to connect with our patients in a secure and professional way," said Dr. Arnold. "The first thing we looked at was patient recall, which is the lifeblood of a practice. If you don't recall on a consistent basis, you're really impeding your practice. Solutionreach's recall process was really easy to implement in the practice."

    Dr. Arnold also understands the impact no-shows can have on a clinic, so he makes sure his patients are reminded of upcoming appointments through Solutionreach. Today's Vision Sugar Land has sent over 62 thousand appointment reminders to help reduce his no-show rate.

    "You have to pay attention to recall and confirmations because no-shows will kill you," Dr. Arnold explained. "It varies from practice to practice, but typically a patient represents approximately $300 in revenue. This amount twice a day over a year would be a significant loss."

    "We make sure to contact our patients several times to ensure they don't forget about their appointments," he added. "Typically, we reach out a week before the appointment, then a day before, and finally on the day of the actual appointment. If a practice is thinking about Solutionreach and they use nothing but the patient recall and confirmation tools, those are alone would be worth every penny."

    Improved Customer Experience

    Patient satisfaction has been improved through surveysDr. Arnold and his patients expect a lot from Today's Vision Sugar Land. According to Dr. Arnold, it's all about creating a high-class environment and a great patient experience. The way he does that is by gathering information from patients through surveys. He has sent almost six thousand post-appointment surveys and uses the responses to ensure his patients are satisfied with their time spent at his office.

    "The most valuable commodity you can have is information, so surveys are really important," Dr. Arnold said. "It's all beneficial. With positive surveys, we're able to highlight staff members who went above and beyond in their customer service. On the other hand, negative surveys provide us with opportunities to improve our patient experience."

    Overall, Solutionreach has made a lasting impression on Dr. Arnold and his staff.

    "Solutionreach provides essential services that are critical to running an optometric practice," he said. "They do it efficiently and in a cost-effective manner with perfect client support. They're extremely helpful and professional. It's a great company."

    To learn more about how to kick-start your recall campaigns, read "Build an Out-of-this-World Eye Care Recare Program." 

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    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D’Ewart is a content writer at Solutionreach. She holds a master’s degree in professional communication from Weber State University. Alyessa has spent the last three years cultivating her technical writing skills by creating content for a variety of platforms including marketing collateral, website pages, and corporate blogs. As an avid fan of the written word, she can usually be found curled up with a good book.

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