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The Awesome Dentist Review That Got Away

Posted on Oct 09, 2017 by Justin Everette

    This is one in a series of "We are patients too" posts highlighting healthcare experiences from Solutionreach employees. To read past posts click here, here, and here. 

    It was probably the best visit to a dentist I’ve ever had. And this is the first time anyone’s hearing about it.

    Granted, the bar for stellar dental visits is pretty low for me. Even when a routine cleaning goes great, it’s not exactly my idea of a good time. But this one was different. My hygienist was on fire, folks. She made me laugh, ensured I was as comfortable as possible, and gave me some helpful tips on flossing. Seriously, where were those pointers during the first 37 years of my life??

    Practice reputation is improved when you ask patients to leave a reviewHowever, there was one thing she didn’t do well. She never asked me to leave an online review of the practice. Because I TOTALLY would have! Had she asked me right then and there as we were wrapping up the appointment, I would have been more than happy to share positive feedback. Just text me a link to make it super convenient for me, and I’m off and running.

    Glowing review done before I even leave the office. 5 stars, less than 5 minutes.

    I’m not special. What happened next happens with millions of patients every day. I left the office feeling great about my visit, and I got distracted. Or if we’re going to judge my character here, I got lazy. I never took the initiative to go out on my own and leave a review.

    I’m blogging about it now, so yeah, I’ll probably go out and leave a review after writing this post. But in the spirit of “striking while the iron is hot,” the best opportunity any of my healthcare providers has to get a positive review out of me is before I walk out the door.

    Ask me to review my in-office experience when I’m out of your office, and you’re competing with the long list of everything else that goes on in my day – work stuff, my kids’ sports, my dad calling to ask me the name of the song he just heard that literally has the title in the lyrics he sings to me over the phone. You know, LIFE.

    I think I can speak for any busy patient when I ask you to ask us for reviews before we leave the office. You’ll find that most of us are more than willing to tell others how great you are. Just make it easy for us.

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    Justin Everette

    Justin Everette

    Justin Everette serves as Solutionreach’s vice president of marketing, overseeing the company’s messaging and communications efforts. Everette has extensive experience in the patient engagement and patient relationship management space, having worked in the industry for over 12 years. Everette is a graduate of the University of Alabama and holds a master’s of arts in advertising and public relations.

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