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The Move to Digital Self-Scheduling

Posted on Sep 22, 2015 by Solutionreach

    Your patients want it, and your productivity needs it



    It takes 8.1 minutes to schedule an appointment. Just one.


    Here is what usually happens during those 8 minutes:

    • They get put on hold.
    • You discuss the reason for the visit.
    • You ask which provider they usually see.
    • You go back and forth discussing open availabilities.
    • And, during this process, the patient at the desk has to wait until you’re done.

    But this scenario can only happen once the patient manages to call in during business hours. Scheduling an appointment is just another thing they remember they needed to do that day only after they are lying in bed.

    But–of course–it’s too late, then, because your office is closed. Statistics back this up: Agents are transferring patient calls over 63% of the time.

    Patients want more convenience.

    63% of your patients want to be able to self-schedule.

    • They don’t want to use their lunch hour to schedule appointments.
    • They don’t want to be placed on hold.
    • They don’t want to do the back and forth with the front desk staff.

    The Move To Digital Self-Scheduling

    Improving productivity and meeting patient demands are the biggest motivators for shifting to digital self-scheduling, but implementing the new technology into your practice comes with many benefits that will dramatically change the way your practice operates.

    Streamline Tedious Tasks
    Just to acknowledge the obvious one more time: Why spend a significant portion of your day scheduling appointments over the phone, when patients can do it themselves?

    Anytime, Anywhere Access
    Patients (or prospective patients) will be able to access your schedule availability wherever they are, whenever they want to. Not only does it improve transparency, it means that patients will no longer put off scheduling an appointment just because your practice is closed.

    Encourage New Appointments
    If patients can click to schedule from your website, your business listing, your Facebook, or even your recall text messages, your schedule is going to fill itself. You’ll be the right kind of busier.

    The fact that all these new appointments could be coming in while you are sleeping (or golfing, or hiking, or…) makes boosting your appointment capacity that much sweeter.

    Improve Coordinated Care
    Giving patients the ability to self-schedule when it’s convenient for them makes a huge difference when attempting to keep them up-to-date with follow-up or preventative care visits. When they lie in bed and remember that they forgot to schedule, they can pick up their phone and click the “Schedule Now” link you included in their recall reminder text message. Coordinated care just became easier to coordinate.

    Make Patients Happy
    It’s worth mentioning again simply because it’s such a huge player in the success of today’s healthcare practice: Giving your patients more convenience will win big points. Happy patients are active patients. They are loyal patients. They leave positive reviews. And they are much more likely to refer new patients.

    It’s coming whether you’re ready or not.

    The demand for self-scheduling has already exploded in other industries, and it’s boiling dangerously below the surface for healthcare. By 2019, the need to offer digital self-scheduling will be unavoidable. An anticipated 64% of patients will schedule appointments digitally.

    The ultimate digital self-scheduling solution has arrived

    Providers rely on us to give them cutting-edge solutions to improve patient satisfaction and productivity for their practices, so when the call for digital self-scheduling was merely a whisper in the wind, we heard it and took action.

    We didn’t throw a haphazard service together just to meet an industry trend. We have put a great deal of care into developing our new digital self-scheduling, to ensure that it meets the needs of your patients and those of your practice.

    We call it Limelight, and it’s the most advanced (but patient-friendly) self-scheduler available.

    Here are a few differentiators of this incredible new product.

    It’s real-time.
    It’s integrated with your PM/EHR to allow your patients to see your real open available appointments and schedule real-time appointments. Once they have selected an appointment time, Limelight reserves the spot and won’t schedule over it unless you decline or reschedule manually.

    It’s intuitive.
    Limelight is customized by you to ensure that patients are scheduling appointments that best match their needs, for the right amount of time. This eliminates the possibility of booking a whole hour for an appointment that only requires 15 minutes.

    It’s user-friendly.
    Within a clean, attractive interface, your patients quickly select the right provider, the right location, and the right procedure, so the calendar they see is one that is customized to their needs.

    It goes everywhere.
    You can prompt patients to schedule from nearly anywhere. Whether it’s a “Schedule Now” link on your Google listing or a simple button in their recall email, you can generate new appointments from almost anywhere.

    You can schedule a demo to have a Limelight representative show you more about how the digital self-scheduler works by filling out the form on this page.

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