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                        If we can’t find the best research, we do it ourselves.

                        You want the latest and greatest information on what patients want. So do we.

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                        We were looking for the best research on what patients want, and we found that what was out there fell a bit short. So, we decided to do our own research on what patients want in their interactions with their providers. Best of all for you, we’ve been using what we learn to create a nearly endless supply of helpful resources.

                        Our Research

                        Our recent Patient-Provider Relationship Study was just the beginning. We’ll continue to research what patients really want so we can help you provide it! Here are some highlights…

                        • One in ten patients left their healthcare provider last year
                        • Nearly 40 percent said they left because of a poor experience
                        • One in three patients say they may leave their healthcare provider in the next two years
                        • Patients want better communication and access
                        • 79 percent of patients say they want text messages from providers
                        • 73 percent of patients say they want to text message providers

                        Tradeshows & Conferences

                        We don’t just attend tradeshows and conferences—we’re often the ones asked to do the talking. In any given month, you can find someone from Solutionreach, one of our partners, or one of our customers sharing their expertise and best practices at important events across the healthcare industry. Find out where we’ll be next.

                        Who gets the problems you face on a day-to-day basis better than your peers? The SR Community is made up of thousands of practices just like yours.

                        In the SR Community, you can share ideas, bounce questions off one another, and generally make life a whole lot better. 


                        Thought Leadership

                        We know everyone can’t get to those conferences and events, so we also share our insights on the industry and best practices in a wide range of industry publications. We publish more than 50 articles a year on the PRM topics that matter to you. Read some of the most recent articles on our news page.

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