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                        Fill open appointments in your practice schedule.

                        How much money are you losing to holes in the schedule? The answer is always “too much.”

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                        Keep your schedule full with ASAP Wait List and patient communication tools.

                        “Holes in the schedule is the #1 thing that costs us money.” If we’ve heard that once from a client, we’ve heard it a million times. There is a way you can fight back and fill your practice’s schedule. Lots of ways, in fact. You won’t lose that revenue you’re counting on. You won’t lose any sleep over it either.

                        SR Schedule

                        It takes an average of eight minutes to schedule an appointment on the phone. Eight minutes! That’s nuts. It just isn’t practical for patients. SR Schedule provides 24/7 online scheduling that integrates with your schedule and can be completely customized. A link to SR Schedule can be placed on your website, online listings, social media pages, and in emails and text messages. That’s right—put it anywhere, and make scheduling better for patients and staff.

                        ASAP messaging

                        The wait to get an appointment is one of patients’ biggest complaints. What’s the best way to deal with that and keep your schedule full? Keep a wait list of patients who want to be seen as soon as possible. When cancellations happen (as they do), Solutionreach can send an ASAP Wait List Message to patients on the list and fill that opening. Bam! Happier, healthier patients.

                        Patient Relationship Management Helps You Fill the Gaps

                        Holes in your schedule? Solutionreach can fix that. As Marie Gambetta would tell you, all it takes is a simple text message to notify patients and fill your schedule.


                        Missed Appointment Messaging

                        The truth is some patients will still miss appointments no matter how good the reminders are. It happens, but that revenue doesn’t have to disappear. Solutionreach Missed Appointment Messaging automatically sends a message to patients who miss a scheduled appointment. These messages can be customized by the practice and can contain a link to schedule online, making rescheduling a snap.

                        Hold the phone: Online Self-Scheduling in Your Medical Practice

                        Online scheduling allows patients to book their own appointments any time it’s convenient. But your patients aren’t the only ones who will benefit.