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Tailor-made for your multi-site clinic.

Why do large multi-location practices trust Solutionreach for patient relationship management?
Frankly, we’ve earned it.

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Patient Software Designed for Your Multiple Office Locations

A one-size-fits-all approach never does the trick. From onboarding through ongoing guidance and support, Solutionreach has learned what works well for multi-site practices. It’s a mix of proven best practices and agility to meet your organization’s specific needs. From Day 1 of your Solutionreach experience, you’ll have dedicated account management working to get you results.

Satisfied patients are loyal patients, and a great reputation helps you market your practice. Here's how it all works together:

Enterprise Patient Access

How do we say this nicely? Patients of multi-site practices demand more access. In fact, around 75 percent of people say they would be more loyal to a practice that has an online portal. Solutionreach provides the access they demand. We’ll make it easy for them to schedule appointments online, pay their outstanding balances, and get unmatched convenience from your practice.

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Multi-Site Patient Reminders

Patient reminders can reduce your no-show rates by as much as 80 percent. That's a whole lotta money for large group practices. Solutionreach automates the whole process for you, making it as easy as it is effective. 

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Enterprise Patient Satisfaction

About 75 percent of Americans say they prefer small, independent medical offices over large corporate ones. Ouch. Fortunately, there are ways to compete. It is critical that you create that small, "personal" feel within your multi-site practice. We’ll help you get the essential patient feedback you need to make practice improvements. Learn more about our customizable, targeted, and automated surveys. Extremely effective. 


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Solutionreach Provides 360° of Patient Relationship Management

The patient engagement platform from Solutionreach will revolutionize your practice and your patient relationships by allowing you to automatically connect with patients before, during, and after their appointments.


Enterprise Patient Education

Patient education is an important way to keep your patients happy. Consistent outreach is absolutely necessary to keep patients on track with their treatment. Solutionreach provides you with the tools to give patients the information they need.

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Multi-Site Marketing Software

When it comes to marketing, consistency is critical for large practices. We offer a wide variety of tools to not only reach out to new patients, but to keep your current ones coming back. Learn more about our healthcare marketing automation solutions today.

More About Marketing for Multi-Site Practices 

Enterprise Provider Reputation

Would you trust a provider who doesn’t have a strong online reputation? We wouldn’t either. That’s why online reputation management is a huge part of the Solutionreach platform. Get new patients into the practice and show them first-hand why you’re so amazing.

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No-shows no more!

Sounds great, right? Let's make it happen.