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Optometry Patient Engagement

Do it all! That's way more inspiring than "do some." - Don’t sacrifice patient experience for tasks that can be automated.

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Optometry Patient Engagement Software

There are only 24 hours in a day, and we hope you're not spending them all in the practice. That means you have to decide which tasks should take priority. Calling patients, filling last minute cancellations, and marketing your practice all take time away from making sure your patients are happy with their experience in your office.

Solutionreach's patient relationship management software increases the efficiency of your optometry practice so you can focus on the patient experience. We help with that experience part too.

Our software has the unique needs of eye care offices in mind. Time-consuming responsibilities like eyeglasses pick-up notifications, appointment reminders, scheduling and educational outreach can all be automated. You'll reclaim time in your day and spend it where it matters most—on building great patient relationships.

Optical Patient Reminders

Good things always come in threes, right? Solutionreach’s optometry reminder software is no exception.

  • The Right Message – customizable and automated appointment reminders, recall notifications, and more
  • At the Right Time – sent to drive timely action and response from patients
  • Delivered the Right Way – based on patient preferences: text, phone, or email


Optometry Patient Satisfaction

Are your patients happy with your practice? Sometimes asking can be the hardest part. Every tool from Solutionreach from patient surveys to online reviews lets you hear what your patients are saying. Get valuable feedback from your patients so you can improve your practice and continue to grow.

Check out the stats for Virginia Eye Institute!

They’ve improved recall bookings with Solutionreach automated messages.


appointments booked within the first 30 days

$1.6 million

in additional appointment revenue

Optometry Patient Education

Your patients already trust you, so spread your knowledge. Help your patients see better outcomes (pun totally intended) by providing them with targeted educational material specifically designed to encourage greater patient plan adherence.

Optometry Practice Marketing

Marketing your practice makes it easier for potential patients to find you. Solutionreach offers optometry marketing automation tools and customizable content that will help you catch the attention of patients and showcase all of the amazing things you do. 

Optometry Provider Reputation

Your reputation is what drives new patients to your practice. Make sure the reviews posted about you online reflect the quality of the practice you run.

Need strategies for marketing your optical practice?

This eBook is loaded with ideas.