The Patient-Provider Relationship Study: The Ripple Effect Starts with Boomers

New Solutionreach survey reveals how generational factors impact patient-provider relationships.

As patients take on more responsibility for their medical bills, they are more often approaching healthcare decisions with a retail-oriented mindset. It’s no longer enough to provide high-quality care or for providers to rely on clinical excellence. Today, patients want convenience, access to their providers outside of the office, and outstanding service in every aspect of their care. 

Download this overview of The Patient-Provider Relationship Study to learn more about:

  • Physician/practice selection
  • Key elements of patient satisfaction
  • What prompts patients to switch physicians or practices
  • The communication offerings patients want from their providers

You might be surprised by what you learn. (Here's a hint... about 1/3 of patients are considering switching providers in the next couple of years!)