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Dental Products Insights- I know your online reputation. Do you?

Posted on May 24, 2011 by Solutionreach

I’m fascinated by the ability to build and maintain one’s reputation online. I think in this digital world, creating and managing one’s online presence is of the utmost importance… even if it’s just a matter of untagging a few unsightly Facebook photos. Whoops!
But, today, it isn’t my online reputation that concerns me. It’s my future dentist’s, whoever that may be. Unattractive candid snapshots aside, I’m in the market for a dentist. No, the dentist will not likely be searching for me. Instead, I will be searching for my future dentist… online, of course.

And as I’ve found, the search for the perfect dentist has proven tricky. Insurance details aside, there a lot of different aspects I need to consider in making my selection. Location, range of services offered, and hours of operation definitely come into play. But most importantly, I want to visit a dental practice I know I can depend on. A dental practice that has proven its dedication to providing exceptional service. It all comes down to reputation. And the best way I’ve been reading up about a practice’s reputation? Online patient reviews.

Just like a dentist depends on his or her colleagues’ opinions before purchasing a new product, I depend on my peers’ opinions on a dental practice.

Back in March, Smile Reminder, a leading patient engagement and communication service, launched its Active Presence feature. Dubbing a practice’s online reputation a “webutation,” Active Presence provides a practice with a 3-part system to control and streamline their webutation.

According to the Smile Reminder website, the first part of the system, Active Monitor, combs the web searching for reviews. A report allows the practice to see these reviews along with overall review scores and a comparison review rating. The second part of the system—Active Review—allows a practice to manage their webutation through automatic pushing of patient reviews to online directories. The third part, Active Push, then submits practice information to online directories.

I look forward to seeing dental practices use this feature. If they take time to track, monitor, and control their online reputation, it gives me peace of mind that the practice is not only aware of their patient feedback, but they highly value their patient feedback.

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