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Keeping Communication Going Even After the Exam

Posted on Mar 01, 2015 by Solutionreach

As seen in an article posted in the March 2015 issue of Women in Optometry

Dr. Sandra Fortenberry, a successful OD at Texas State Optical out of San Antonio, Texas, understood the vital importance of implementing a quality patient engagement system that fits the communication needs and demands of people in today’s world even before opening the doors to her practice.

Recognizing that communication preferences vary from patient to patient, Dr. Fortenberry felt it crucial to find a platform that would allow her the ability to customize engagement whether it be through text, email or natural voice technology for reminders, confirmations, appointment requests, etc.

Fortenberry understands the advantages that come with using current technology to engage patients and had an advantage in making her choice. In addition to running her own practice, she is also Assistant Dean for Professional Advancement at Rosenberg School of Optometry, University of the Incarnate Word, and the school uses Solutionreach for its patient communications. So she knew the benefits of the service and chose it for her own practice. 

Some benefits she has appreciated since implementing the Solutionreach platform into her practice include features that enhance the patient-provider relationship. Features Fortenberry appreciates most are ASAP messaging to fill last minute openings when patients cancel the day of their appointment, birthday messaging to let patients know they are remembered, targeted care campaigns to educate patients on their individual health, friendly messages to patients reminding them to take their medication, and follow up appointments reminders for effective preventative and continuing care.

Not only does a platform like Solutionreach ensure maximum practice efficiency and profitability, but it provides the best success for connecting with and engaging with patients, and solidifying the relationship outside the exam room.

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Not long ago, Sandra Fortenberry, OD, FAAO, received a phone call from her aunt, who happens to also be a patient of hers in her Texas State Optical-affiliated practice in San Antonio, thanking her a happy birthday text message. The text that prompted the phone call was generated automatically by Solutionreach, the patient communication system she uses.

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