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Solutionreach launches new Automated ToDo List Tool to Improve Efficiency for Healthcare Practices

Posted on Nov 05, 2014 by Solutionreach

November 4, 2014 (prnewswire)
Lehi, Utah: Solutionreach, the industry leader for patient relationship management technology, today announced an addition to their service that will have a dramatic impact on the efficiency of healthcare practices.

The new feature, Action List, is an intuitive to-do list that will automatically remember, recognize, and keep track of daily tasks that the practice staff has pending. Action List will display the consolidated list in one convenient location, ensuring that important tasks aren’t overlooked and improving the ability to complete each one efficiently.

Action List Product Video Image

Action List enables the practice staff to complete many tasks from the display screen:
● View and play voicemails
● Manage appointment requests
● View/update the patient information for every patient on the day’s schedule
● View/update contact info and upcoming appointments for household members

Other tools are integrated to help maximize the success of healthcare practices using Solutionreach. At-a-glance analytics let practice staff evaluate the success of their recare strategy and identify the sources for incoming appointment requests. Suggestions for utilizing their Solutionreach service are automatically included within Action List to coach staff and help them ensure optimized patient outreach and office efficiency.

“Practices now have to function with greater levels of speed and accuracy in order to keep up with rising demands on healthcare, so finding ways to improve office efficiency has become a necessity,” says Jim Higgins, Founder & CEO of Solutionreach.  “Action List gives providers the ability to spend less time on their to-do list and more time caring for their patients, which is a critical component of patient engagement and the Solutionreach goal.”

Solutionreach is a robust, cloud-based platform of solutions that enable healthcare providers to improve the success of their practice and manage their patient relationships. The service includes many tools to help practices communicate more effectively and efficiently with their patients.

Action List will be included with the service immediately, incurring no price-change for current Solutionreach customers. For more information on Action List and the Solutionreach platform, visit www.solutionreach.com/SERVICES/action-list.

Source: Solutionreach, Inc.
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