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The Advantages of Solutionreach, Part 2

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 by Solutionreach

By Xaña Winans, President of GPM

Last month I highlighted a variety of services and programs offered by Solutionreach that you may not be using to your advantage. And they are all included in your monthly fee!

This month, I’ll share even more with you that will help extend your reach beyond your current patient base to attract new patients!

Google Places Pages
Google Places Pages expose your practice to new patients searching for a dentist in your geographic area. By claiming your Google Places page, Solutionreach greatly improves your online presence.

Get a precise look at the true financial performance of your practice with reliable reporting on your monthly and daily production numbers. This information will give you valuable insight as to where potential production may be hiding in your records.

Solutionreach is the first to provide online maps! You’ll get geographic positioning of your patient database; recently acquired patients will be highlighted so you can see where your patients are coming from. If you’re thinking about direct mail, this is a great resource to help with targeting prime zip codes that will offer the best response.

Easy-to-use, this tool helps you attract new patients by capturing, managing and distributing patient testimonials over the web. Just shoot an in-office testimonial from a patient and Solutionreach will help make it visible!

Social Media Integration
Don’t want team members checking personal Facebook pages throughout the day, but you still need to have access to social media to upload business updates? Simply type in your update via Solutionreach and it will be posted - without external distractions! Or, if you get a great comment from a patient in a survey, use the same tool to forward it to Facebook and Twitter!

Online Reputation Management
How do you keep track of patient reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, City Search and more? It’s easy with Solutionreach and Active Presence, an online reputation management tool that allows you to manage online reviews and comments. What if you find a negative review on one of these pages? No worries! Use Active Presence to push reviews to just that site, helping push the negative review off the page.

The bottom line? Solutionreach is an amazing resource for building and maintaining relationships with your current patients as well as attracting and acquiring new patients. And all of these services and programs are included in your monthly fee.

If you haven’t used Solutionreach to its fullest potential, contact them today and they’ll help you get even more out of your subscription. Remember, tell them GPM sent you! Or, send us your information and we’ll help you get half off the activation fee!

Xaña Winans

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