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Patient Relationship Management -
Conquer the Chaos and Be the Office Hero

Delegate those endless tasks—recall, reminders, scheduling, intake, and more—to the Solutionreach PRM platform.

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Solutionreach Features


Stay organized with your daily at-a-glance list.

Find everything you need to stay organized with a daily schedule of appointments, voicemails, texts, and more – all in one place. Streamline daily tasks to save your team all kinds of time, and reduce no-shows.

Easily manage last-minute cancellations to keep your schedule full.

Make the most of cancellations and open appointment times. Send messages to patients who are waiting to get on the schedule as soon as possible.

Show your patients some love and build lasting relationships.

Sending a customized birthday text message shows patients they’re an important part of your practice family. It's a personalized way to improve communication, keep them engaged, and boost overall patient satisfaction.

Easily send messages to specific groups of patients.

Alert a group of patients of an unexpected schedule change without spending hours on the phone. Easily send educational material to patients with specific health conditions. Save your staff time, and improve patient satisfaction without adding more work.

Automatically deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Attract new patients and keep current ones coming back with marketing campaigns to help grow your practice. Easily send newsletters to announce a new provider or a change of office hours. Send a series of emails to improve patient communication and satisfaction.

Make rescheduling missed appointments a snap.

Ease the burden on your staff by sending an automatic message with a link to reschedule and keep your schedule full. No time-consuming phone calls necessary!

Take the guesswork out of patient satisfaction.

Let technology determine how likely patients are to recommend your practice to friends and family. Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are a standardized gauge of customer satisfaction.

Stay connected to patients between visits.

Personalized patient newsletters help your practice stay connected to patients between visits. Newsletters also communicate important pre- and post-visit instructions without using paper, so you save money and improve patient satisfaction.

Boost practice ratings and get more patients.

Leverage technology to make it easy for patients to refer friends and family to your practice. Get more patients and increase revenue without extra work for your staff.

Let patients know when products are in stock.

Save time by emailing or texting patients when a product is in stock or their order is ready for pick-up. Let your team focus on creating a better patient experience instead of spending more time on the phone.

Improve team communication.

Create a virtual "water cooler" for your practice. Use this intra-office chatting platform to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate between team members.

Action List

Review appointment confirmations, manage patient recall, respond to texts, and book appointments from one convenient location in your patient management software. Customize communication with each patient according to their preferences.

ASAP Wait List

Create a custom group of patients on stand-by for the next available appointment. Then, easily notify them through texting or group messaging on the Solutionreach platform.

Birthday Messages

Remember patient birthdays using a text template, or create your own message to send to patients on their special day. Customize and track results through the Solutionreach platform.

Group Messages

Send an email or text message to a custom group of patients from the Solutionreach platform. Use a default group, or a group you create, and send messages via patients' preferred communication choice – email or text.

Marketing Campaigns

Schedule email newsletters for specific dates – such as monthly or on holidays. Create drip campaigns to send a series of newsletters at specific intervals to your whole patient base or specific groups of patients.

Missed Appointment Messages

Automatically send messages to patients who miss appointments through the Solutionreach platform. Customize messages through our two-way texting platform and include a link to online scheduling so patients can request a new appointment.

Net Promoter Score

Add a Net Promoter Score question to patient surveys with a click of a button in the Solutionreach platform. Send surveys to groups of patients to gain valuable feedback before you ask for referrals.

Patient Newsletters

Design newsletters like a pro with easy-to-use templates. Just choose, edit, and share. Customize content and layout, or simply select and send to groups of patients for holidays, campaigns, and more.

Patient Referrals

Automatically send texts and newsletters that provide patients with a clickable link to complete a form and refer friends. The Solutionreach Refer-a-Friend button makes it easy for patients to recommend your practice.

Product Notifications

Schedule email and text notifications to patients waiting for products or special orders, such as eyewear.

SR Huddle

Chat one-on-one with staff or create custom groups right from the SR Conversations platform. SR Huddle lets you send direct messages, emojis, and images to team members.

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