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                        Solutionreach SyncAssure has 500 integrations and counting.

                        Looking for a PRM solution that integrates with your existing software? We’d bet money it’s us.

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                        When it comes to PRM platform integrations, we have you covered.

                         When we say that we do our best to cover every practice with practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) system integrations, we mean it.

                        Over 500 Integrations and Counting

                        Of course we’ve covered the most popular PMs and EHRs, but the list goes much deeper than that. If you talked to us a while back, and we didn’t integrate with your solution, try us again. We’re always adding new names to the growing list. Here’s a list of just some Solutionreach integrations.

                        Integrations are always evolving. We’re improving them constantly. It’s literally someone’s job to continuously monitor and evaluate them and find any possible opportunity for improvement. Occasionally, it’s based on requests from our partner practices. But most times we see the opportunity to improve functionality well before that and build it before anyone even asks. Our attitude here is “if it improves your business, it’s worth our effort.” So far, so good.


                        SyncAssure is the unsung hero of patient communication. In fact, we hope it's forgotten entirely. Because that means it's working. Patients are getting communications they need, appointment are being kept, and planned revenue is walking into the practice. 

                        How has SyncAssure invisibly changed the game in how your practice management system integrates with Solutionreach? Three ways:

                        1.  It's the industry's best sync processor.  We've seen firsthand how sync processing for thousands of clients at one time can bog down a system. No more. SyncAssure's built to be scalable, reliable, and performing at a whole new level. 

                        2. It's built to support your growth. No matter how you're growing. SyncAssure takes it all in stride and keeps pumping out powerful patient communication. Grow away!

                        3. We'll stay on high alert. If something does go wrong with your sync, we'll know right away. We're always proactively monitoring and preparing to quickly fix any hiccups. 


                        Solutionreach—“A Suite of Solutions”

                        Dr. Stewart Samuel and Leslie Tarver of Allied Physicians Group explain how the recall feature of Solutionreach, which integrates with their practice management system, led to a $5.2M return on their investment.


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