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Conquer Patient Communication for Vision Groups.

Managing multiple vision group locations can be chaotic and stressful. Using the right patient engagement software makes it easier.

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optometry groups struggle with software


The pressure for vision groups is real.

When it comes to the success of each of your individual optometry practices, the buck stops with you. Disgruntled office managers? Poor patient communication? Regular losses to the competition? It's easy to find yourself constantly dealing with problems rather than driving growth.

Managing multiple practices has always been challenging. But in recent times, vision organizations have faced even more pressure. From growing competition to expanded consolidation efforts to "price-only" focused patients, the ability to create a streamlined, modern experience has never been more important.

Technology should be the solution...but often ends up adding to the stress. It shouldn't be this hard.

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By creating a stellar, consistent patient experience, you'll truly stand out from the crowd.

The right patient engagement software built for optometry groups gives you the ability to offer everything the competition does – and so much more. It builds your brand so every patient knows just what their experience will be like, regardless of which office they visit.

Through automated appointment reminders, recall messages, online scheduling, digital intake, and more, you can empower individual practices while creating a consistent, streamlined experience for patients and staff alike.


Create consistency.

Get your practices on the same page using Solutionreach patient communication software for vision groups.


Save time.

Help practices spend less than 30 minutes per day on patient recall and appointment reminders.*


Reduce no-shows.

Make it easy for practices to communicate with patients so they can reduce no-shows to 5% or lower.*


Fill in your schedule.

Schedule more patients without doing more work and enjoy an extra $95,000 per practice through recall and appointment reminders.*

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*As experienced by the average Solutionreach customer per year.

Introducing...Solutionreach, your most tech-savvy team member.

Over the past 20 years, 52,000 practices and organizations have partnered with us. It has been through their insights that Solutionreach has been able to grasp the unique challenges you face in optometry. Because of this, we have created tools specifically designed to boost efficiency across locations and make you stand out from the crowd. These include everything from teleoptometry appointments to automated messaging, to the latest digital tools, and more.

Our group practice customers use this optometry patient engagement software to streamline their daily tasks with ease and consistency across multiple locations.

Solutionreach vision group software is easy to understand, simple to use, and it pays for itself after scheduling just two extra appointments!

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What’s included in Solutionreach for vision groups?

Standard features in the Solutionreach enterprise platform include:

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How to run a successful vision organization and beat the competition:


Share your immediate needs and long-term goals. Need to streamline offices? Want to simplify processes? Get more patients? We’ll find out how we can help.


Team up with your designated consultant to determine how to prioritize implementation to accomplish the objectives set out in step one.


You and your consultant work together to launch your new strategy.


Meet regularly with your consultant to determine what your next steps are and how you can boost production even more.

We get it. You’re constantly training new team members and juggling multiple versions of optometry patient engagement software. You’ve got a million moving pieces. Finding time to build better patient relationships and help your vision practices thrive is a challenge, for sure.

The right optometry office software can ease your burden and give you time to focus on the strategic, proactive work that will grow your practices. Instead of feeling frazzled, you’ll feel accomplished, satisfied, and in control of the chaos.

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The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Get More Vision Patients

Are the patients at your practices happy? Studies show that over 50% of vision patients are dissatisfied with the ease of getting appointments, appointment reminders, and wait times. How do you improve patient satisfaction so they’re likely to refer friends and family?

Download this guide and we’ll show you how to boost patient and staff happiness at the same time.




Meet your new favorite team member...

Solutionreach has optometry group software to unify and streamline office tasks and create consistency across all practices!

Greg Watson, Today’s Vision

Discover 5 Ways to Personalize Patient Experience without Adding Work

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