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Practice Management System Designed to Manage Patient Relationships

Posted on Mar 21, 2017 by Solutionreach

    A patient relationship management software can help busy healthcare practices be more efficient.It’s no secret—running a successful healthcare practice is complicated. Not only do you have to worry about scheduling appointments, you have to keep up with patient records, make and answer phone calls, check-in patients as they arrive, collect insurance and payment information, send emails with practice news—and the list goes on and on. Most practices have a medical practice management (PM) system that helps with some of these tasks, but not all of them. If you want to fill in the gaps, you need to pair your PM with a patient relationship management (PRM) software.

    Your PM system is built for managing patient data and billing, and it’s probably really good at it. All of your patients’ personal and medical history, their contact information, insurance numbers, and any other relevant notes. And all of those personal details are vital in managing the logistics to make sure your practice continues to bring in revenue. But a PM system isn’t built for one very important part of your business—actually communicating with your patients. The hard truth is that cultivating meaningful relationships with your patients and building their loyalty is just as important as appointment scheduling software and collecting copays.

    A practice management system isn't built for one very important part of your business—actually communicating with your patients.

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    PRM software is built to integrate with your existing practice management software to make it easy to communicate with your patients. Pre-loaded email and text templates are customizable, and can be sent to your patients in minutes. Everything from appointment reminders to general office information can be automatically distributed to your patient base, with minimal work from your staff. A PRM helps you build connections with your patients, and keeps them coming back.

    Patient relationship management software can help healthcare practices manage their online reputation.A PRM program is also a great tool to manage your practice’s online reputation. Think your PM system can connect to social media platforms or manage online reviews? No. But a PRM makes it easy to manage all of your practice’s social media accounts. Posts and videos can be scheduled and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all from one place. A PRM software is also built to do the heavy lifting in managing your online reviews. Almost 90% of patients will trust the online reviews left about your practice, so it’s important to keep up with the reviews being left online. Pre-designed messages can be sent to your patients whenever you choose, requesting they leave a review of your practice. Then, the site scours the Internet and gathers all of the reviews left about your practice so you can read and respond to them without having to search them out.

    Learn more about pairing your PM system with a patient relationship management software here.

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