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Pediatric Practice Eliminates Reminder Phone Calls


Summary:  Dr. Brian Greenberg provides allergy and asthma care, focusing on prevention and education, at The Pediatric and Allergy Group of Southern California. When Dr. Greenberg’s wife received a text message reminder for an upcoming dentist appointment, she thought it was a brilliant idea and showed her husband. Dr. Greenberg agreed that an automated system for reminders would cut down on the time his sta spent on the task, and decided to implement Solutionreach. The practice has used the cloud-based patient relationship management software ever since.

Case Study:  Before implementing Solutionreach, Sally Heidhues, the operations manager at The Pediatric and Allergy Group of Southern California, and her staff were spending valuable time every day making phone calls to remind patients of their appointments.

“When you call a patient to remind them of an appointment, they always have a question,” explains Sally. “It’s great to talk to your patients, but it’s time-consuming. With a text reminder, it’s so much quicker.”

Sally had one staffmember dedicated to making reminder phone calls every day. The last hour of her shift, she would be tied to the phone, calling patients with appointments scheduled the next day. With Solutionreach, the reminder process became automated and eliminated this daily task.

“Reminder calls were something that we had to do when we didn’t have time to do everything we were already doing,” says Sally. “We spend no time on reminders now, so we’re getting more work done and focusing on things we need to take care of.”

Now Dr. Greenberg’s patients receive three reminders, one when they make the appointment, one three days before the appointment, and another two hours prior to the appointment time.

“We don’t have a big problem with no-shows, and I’m sure Solutionreach has contributed to that,” says Sally. “Our patients get enough reminders they have to remember they have the appointment.”

Recall Appointments:  Another feature Sally has seen significant results from is the recall messages.

“If we haven’t seen a patient in a year, they get a reminder message to make an appointment,” explains Sally. “It’s helped a lot with getting people to remember they need to come in on a routine basis. That’s one of the things I think is really cool!”

The Pediatric and Allergy Group of Southern California has scheduled 3,046 appointments just from the recall messages alone. And the automated settings for these messages mean Sally and her staffaren’t spending their time making more phone calls.

“I see the tallies of how many people have got ten the recall email and made an appointment,” says Sally. “It’s been a significant increase.”

Newsletters: When the practice first implemented Solutionreach, they worked hard on a campaign to get an email address for every patient. Now they use those email addresses to send newsletters and distribute information.

“We send a newsletter whenever we need to reach all our patients,” says Sally. “If there is a recall or we have a new vaccine, we want to inform our patients. Newsletters are a great way to do it quickly and we like that."

Sally and her staffhave seen huge responses to the newsletters they send, and they time their emails accordingly.

“I’ve made the mistake of sending out a flu vaccine newsletter at about 4 pm on a weekday,” Sally explains. “The phone went off the hook as soon as we sent it with patients wanting to schedule an appointment. Now we send our newsletters out on Sundays so we have the whole next day to field phone calls.”

For Sally and her staff, Solutionreach has made their jobs so much easier.

“The things we use Solutionreach for have been very valuable to our business,” Sally says. “It eliminates the tasks that don't require a lot of thinking, and gives my employees more time to do the things we need to get done for better patient care.”

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