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Eagle Gate Dental

Dental Practice Reschedules 80 Percent of Cancellations

Summary:  Eagle Gate Dental, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides cosmetic dentistry to enhance the appearance and health of their patients’ smiles. Many members of the team have been working together for over a decade, and they make patient satisfaction a priority. Eagle Gate Dental wanted a simpler way to communicate with patients, so they decided to implement Solutionreach.

Case Study:  Sjana Williams is the office manager at Eagle Gate Dental, and usually the only person working the front desk. Between interacting with patients coming in, gathering insurance information, and handling phone calls, she stays busy. When the practice heard about Solutionreach, Sjana was excited to give it a try.

“We didn’t have patient relationship management software before Solutionreach,” explains Sjana. “The Solutionreach rep asked if I’d like to be able to breathe at the end of the day, and I thought that sounded fantastic!”

Eagle Gate Dental started automating much of the patient communication the staff was doing manually, including appointment reminders.

“Before Solutionreach, I’d try to call patients to remind them of their appointments whenever I had a moment,” Sjana says. “Most of the time, I’d be completing the end-of-day tasks and also trying to call the next day’s appointments. It got a little stressful.”

Just reminding patients of upcoming appointments took Sjana about two and a half hours every week.

“Now we automate those messages,” says Sjana. “We send reminders to patients one week, one day, and two hours before their appointments.”

Not only has automated appointment reminders saved time for Sjana, they have also helped increase the number of scheduled and kept appointments for the practice.

“We are able to reschedule almost every patient who cancels.” -Sjana Williams, Office Manager at Eagle Gate Dental

“The two-hour reminder especially has helped cut down our no-shows,” Sjana states. “We get maybe a couple of no-shows a week, if that. Usually, the patient will get the reminder and call me if they can’t make it. That has helped significantly.” The two hours of advanced notice gives Sjana plenty of time to fill those last-minute cancellations. “We are able to reschedule almost every patient who cancels,” says Sjana. “And with the notice, we are able to fill about 80 percent of the last minute appointment openings.”

Recall Messages:  Eagle Gate Dental also takes advantage of the automated recall messages to remind patients when it’s time to come in again. “Our recall process before Solutionreach was awful,” explains Sjana. “We used to have someone come in after we closed for two hours every week just to make phone calls. Now we automate the process and about 50 percent of the patients who receive a recall message schedule an appointment.” Solutionreach has eliminated the need for those extra hours each week, and made the whole process easier. “Solutionreach has saved us so much in paper, ink, and man power,” Sjana says. “Recall was a tedious project. But now I don’t even have to think about who’s past due for an appointment, or who is due but hasn’t scheduled. Solutionreach just does it all for me.”

Newsletters:  Another Solutionreach feature Eagle Gate Dental uses to communicate with their patients is the newsletters. Towards the end of the year, Sjana sends a use-it-or-lose-it newsletter to patients who still have treatments left to complete or insurance money to use.

“Patients respond to the newsletters and schedule appointments,” says Sjana. “We schedule over 100 appointments from those newsletters. My December schedule gets pretty full, so now we try to schedule them in November too.”

For Sjana and the rest of the sta at Eagle Gate Dental, Solutionreach has been an asset in their day-to-day operations.

“Solutionreach is a lifesaver,” Sjana says. “I feel like I would be drowning without it. It takes care of some of those daily tasks that sometimes get put on the back burner when I’ve got so many other things to stay on top of. With Solutionreach, I don’t even have to think about them. They’re just done.”

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