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Improve Patient Engagement in Your Practice

Your ability to engage patients effectively has never been more vital than it is today. Changing demands and ongoing disruptions in healthcare put a premium on more reliable patient engagement. Only through modern patient engagement solutions can you overcome these challenges to connect better with patients, book more appointments, and generate greater revenue.

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What is Patient Engagement?

Patient engagement is creating enhanced communication and involvement with patients on their terms to schedule care, improve outcomes, and elevate the patient experience. Improving patient engagement creates closer ties between you and your patients, increases patient satisfaction, and helps you grow your business.

How do you improve patient engagement?

Improving patient engagement involves applying resources, tools, and best practices to ensure clear and responsive lines of communication with your patients. Only the right tools and technologies can help you engage patients the way they want to interact and in a more efficient and personalized way. More active patient engagement enables you to guide patients at every step of their healthcare journey.

A digital patient engagement platform creates greater efficiencies by automating patient communication and simplifying appointment workflows so you can book more appointments, get more confirmations, and minimize no-shows.

What factors influence patient engagement?

Factors of greatest impact to patient engagement include your capabilities and processes to meaningfully reach patients before, during, and after their appointments:

  • After scheduling a visit, can patients conveniently receive and respond to your appointment reminders and confirmation messages?
  • Prior to the visit, are patients able to complete intake digitally and get pre-visit instruction messages to help them arrive prepared and on time?
  • During the actual visit, can patients check in online to minimize wait times?
  • After the appointment, do patients receive a message with care instructions to improve adherence or notifications on booking follow-up care?

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Offering the latest communication standards and technology are also crucial to engage better with patients. Some of these include:

  • Text messaging
  • Real-time two-way text messaging
  • Group messaging
  • E-Newsletters
  • Digital accessibility to your practice online and via mobile devices

Each touchpoint you create with patients across the appointment workflow can help ensure they keep their appointment, have a satisfying patient experience, and continue to come to you for their care needs.

How to Practically Increase Patient Engagement

There are specific practical solutions you can implement along the appointment workflow to help you achieve higher patient engagement. These sequential healthcare best practices drive more appointment bookings, better outcomes, and fill your schedule:

  1. Reach out to patients who are due for routine care or recall appointments for preventive and chronic care conditions to eliminate gaps in care and to fill your schedule.
  2. Increase accessibility by providing patients with multiple ways to schedule visits, including digitally.
  3. Send appointment reminders prior to the visit to increase confirmations and reduce no-shows.
  4. Send pre-visit instructions with pertinent information to help patients arrive for appointments prepared and on time.
  5. Provide patients the option for digital intake so they can complete forms before the appointment and at their convenience from a smartphone or other device.
  1. Send post-visit care instructions to support greater care adherence to assist patients in scheduling follow-up care.
  2. Automatically send electronic surveys after a visit to help you determine how well you’re engaging and satisfying your patients.
  3. Distribute relevant health and practice information to patients through e-newsletters and messaging.
  4. Send pre-visit instructions with pertinent information to help patients arrive for appointments prepared and on time.
  5. Give patients the option of paying their bills securely online or through message prompts.

At each step in the patient journey, these best practices and practical solutions can help you increase patient engagement. Pairing them with a digital patient engagement platform can help you automate and optimize patient communication so that you’re interacting with the right patient and at the right time while reducing burdensome workloads for front office staff.

Patient Engagement Technology

What is patient engagement technology?

It's the hardware, software, and digital services that aid healthcare organizations to connect better with patients. It includes things like predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). These smart technologies provide more on-demand, connected, and data-driven tools and services to achieve a stronger link and enhanced communication between you and your patients.

What does patient engagement technology solve?

Patient engagement technology enables practices to be more responsive to patients’ communication and care needs. For example, patients can conveniently receive appointment reminders, confirmation notices, and other important messaging as text messages. They can conduct a real-time video telehealth visit from the comfort of their home, send a question in the form of a text message to a practice, or complete digital intake forms at their leisure prior to an appointment. Patient engagement technology makes patient-provider communication more fluid in a way that improves patient satisfaction and outcomes while also reducing staff workloads.

How has Solutionreach led out with patient engagement technology?

Patient engagement technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and Solutionreach has been a leader in innovating emerging technologies to help you reach patients faster, more easily, and more effectively. For example, automation and AI in Solutionreach’s digital patient engagement platform allow you to personalize appointment reminders sent automatically as texts directly to patients’ smartphones. The platform’s suite of solutions enables you to establish more reliable and effortless dialogue with patients to guide them through the appointment workflow.

Top Patient Engagement Platform Features

The right patient engagement platform has features that give you the functionality to overcome common patient communication problems at any point in the appointment workflow.

Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

Nothing can derail your schedule and drain revenue quicker than missed appointments. Automated appointment reminders allow you to send out personalized text, email, or voice reminders at a proven cadence. They ensure you connect with patients more reliably to reduce no-shows and late cancellations, increase confirmations, and fill your schedule.

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Automated Recall/Recare

Office disruptions and workforce shortages mean your front office staff has little if any time for manual recall activities. Recall feature allows you to send automated notices to the right patient at the right time to schedule visits for important preventive checks and chronic care management. Patients will appreciate your mindfulness in helping them avoid gaps in care.

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Two-Way Patient Text Messaging

Patients no longer want the hassle of phoning your office to ask a question or reschedule an appointment. Three-quarters of patients want to be able to send a text message to a practice. SR Conversations provides you with real-time two-way texting capabilities that increase patient engagement and save time by reducing staff phone calls.

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Group Messaging

For practice emergencies, clinician illness, or inclement weather, most practices don’t have a tool to reach out rapidly to patients to cancel/reschedule appointments. A group texting feature allows you to instantly notify patients scheduled for affected times/days in a single text to alert them to reschedule. When the unexpected happens, patients prefer the ease and convenience of quick text notifications to reschedule care.

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Patient Education

Studies show that more than half of patients don’t remember care decisions and recommendations made during an appointment. A patient education solution ensures you engage with all patients or targeted groups of patients between visits with relevant health updates and practice information. Customize and personalize e-newsletters filtered by diagnosis type and send post-visit care reminders to ensure patients schedule needed care and adhere to clinician instructions.

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Improve Your Patient Engagement with Solutionreach

Today’s patients demand that healthcare organizations, regardless of size, engage with them in a more personalized and responsive approach. In order to meet patients where they are—now and in the future— it’s critical that you adopt the technologies and tools that will help you reach patients more efficiently and effectively. Modern patient engagement technology also provides your practice with considerable operational efficiencies to minimize repetitive and mundane tasks to free up overburdened staff for higher priority duties.

Solutionreach’s industry-leading patient engagement platform gives you the functionality to deliver a better patient experience and outcomes. By engaging patients at a higher level, you’ll be able to book more appointments, reduce no-shows, and generate greater revenue.

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