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Patient Delight

In a more consumer-oriented healthcare world where patients have higher expectations, your challenge isn’t just delivering quality care—it’s about seeking innovative and creative ways to improve patient satisfaction. Digital solutions can help you provide an unparalleled patient experience that will help drive patient loyalty, retention, and acquisition.

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How to Increase Patient Satisfaction

The key to elevating patient satisfaction is to improve patient experience at every point of the care journey.

  1. Improve communication options: Align communications to each patient’s individual preference—text, email, voice, or a combination.
  2. Increase appointment availability: Strive to have greater availability so patients can get an appointment this week rather than next month.
  3. Shorten wait times: The shorter the wait, the happier the patient. The opposite is also true.
  4. Make billing processes transparent: Help patients know what to expect when they get the bill and how to make easier payments.
  5. Modern website and patient portal: Ensure your practice website and patient portal are modern, user-friendly, and valuable to the visitor.
  1. Publish practice news and information: Utilize your practice’s website, online business listings, and newsletters to keep patients informed.
  2. Review patients’ health history: Where possible, practitioners should familiarize themselves with a patient’s health history before the appointment.
  3. Use wait lists: Get patients in for appointments sooner and fill late cancellation slots.
  4. Show respect and compassion: Patients expect to be treated with respect at every point in the appointment process.
  5. Offer easy ways to give patient feedback: Offer satisfaction surveys as a quick and simple way for patients to rate their visit.

How can technology be improved to enhance patient satisfaction and increase delight?

Technology is used in quite a few strategies to improve patient satisfaction. Adding digital solutions is like adding more staff to your front office or call center but at a fraction of the cost. Leverage these tools to give patients a more pleasant experience, streamline operations, and provide better outcomes that delight your patients.

  • Patient Intake: Patients expect the convenience of being able to fill out paperwork electronically prior to the appointment. Reduce wait times and streamline check-in with a digital intake tool.
  • Online Bill Pay: Remove the complexity and frustration of paying bills by allowing patients the ease and convenience of making payments electronically.
  • Telehealth: Give patients the options of getting care virtually from anywhere. Patients will appreciate the flexibility and time savings of not having to make an office visit.
  • Patient Surveys: Know where your practice stands in terms of patient satisfaction. Make it easy for patients to give you feedback by texting or emailing them a survey.

Patient Intake

With a patient intake tool, you can eliminate the hassle of paperwork forms for patients and your staff while saving your practice valuable time.

What is digital patient intake?

Digital intake gives patients the ability to complete pre-appointment paperwork electronically on their mobile device or web browser. It gives patients the flexibility to complete intake forms at their leisure prior to the visit which improves the patient care experience.

Mobile digital intake form


What are digital intake forms?

Digital intake forms are secure electronic versions of new or established patient paper forms such as insurance details, personal health history, and waivers. A patient intake tool also allows you to automatically write back the data on patient forms to the patient’s individual health record in your EHR or PM.

How do I create a digital intake form?

You can use the digital intake tool to create customized patient demographics in a packet and set up patient questionnaires and other forms to gather patient information. Create one or more questionnaires, include them in specific packets, and send them to patients prior to their appointment.

A digital intake solution:

  • Streamlines check-in and helps reduce wait times
  • Reduces manual entry errors that can cause claim denials
  • Gives patients the flexibility and ease of completing intake anywhere and any time
  • Frees up your staff for higher priority office tasks

Patient Payments

For many patients, complicated care payment processes are a headache that result in an unpleasant patient experience. As healthcare consumers, they want easier online payment options that they can take care of from their smartphone in a matter of minutes.

Simplify and streamline the bill paying process for a more satisfying patient experience with an online bill payment tool. The solution sends each patient a text or email link and access code to a secure site to make their payment electronically. An online bill pay or text-to-pay solution helps you increase revenue while improving patient care experience.

Benefits of an online bill payment tool include:

  • Spend less staff time preparing and sending paper billing statements
  • Get paid faster for better revenue turnaround
  • Collect on outstanding balances to recover lost revenue
  • An easier, streamlined bill payment builds patient satisfaction


Telemedicine services are no longer just a pandemic "break the glass" measure. Telehealth has become a legitimate, long-term care delivery option that patients have embraced as a tool that improves the patient experience. Patients love the convenience and flexibility of the technology while practices benefit from the operational efficiencies and expanded patient access it delivers.



How does telehealth improve patient satisfaction?

Telehealth allows patients to access care while avoiding the extra time and expense required for an in-office appointment. They can receive quality care from the comfort of their home or office. For many patients, the telehealth option allows them to overcome care barriers like distance or transportation.

Are people satisfied with telehealth?

Telehealth is popular for patients regardless of age. An October 2021 report found that just under 70 percent of patients of all age groups plan to continue using telehealth services. Another study found that nearly 80 percent of patients were satisfied with telehealth visits, and 78 percent felt their health concerns could be addressed through video visits.

How does telehealth improve the quality of patient care and outcomes?

Telehealth offers comparable levels of quality care as in-office care appointments. One study found that the clinical outcomes with telehealth "are as good or better" than in-office care and that the technology improves intermediate patient outcomes and satisfaction. Telehealth helps patients overcome access barriers to care such as location or transportation that can lead to gaps in care and poorer outcomes, especially for patients who require preventive or chronic care management visits.

Patient Surveys

Patient surveys are an important tool to capture patients’ opinions and sentiments of their particular experience with your practice. A patient survey solution can automate that functionality to help you more effortlessly collect feedback that will allow you to improve the patient care experience.

A survey tool makes giving feedback an easy lift for patients. They can complete a short survey in a couple of minutes right from their smartphone, contributing to a more enjoyable patient experience. Improve patient satisfaction at your practice by collecting more insightful input and data from patients with patient survey technology:

  • Automatically text or email patients a link to a short electronic survey within 24 or 48 hours of their appointment for higher completion rates.
  • View and track Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to know how likely patients are to recommend your practice to others.
  • Automatically send patients who give your practice high marks links to leave you an online review.
  • Customize surveys and questions for a variety of campaigns and uses.

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