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APEX Family Medicine Joins Forces With Solutionreach to Combat H1N1

Posted on Jan 07, 2010 by Solutionreach

By Utilizing the Unique Solutionreach Patient Engagment Platform, APEX Family Medicine Alerts Patients of Vaccine Availability

The recent national H1N1 flu outbreak proved to be a true test of efficacy for the American healthcare system. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated 47 million people were infected with the H1N1 virus between the months of April 2009 and November 2009, placing heavy responsibility on community medical practices to ensure the H1N1 flu vaccine was efficiently and appropriately distributed. Faced with the challenge of distributing the H1N1 vaccine to high-risk patients in a timely manner, Denver-based APEX Family Medicine decided to leverage the technology behind patient messaging service Solutionreach to ensure their patients received optimal care.

When the H1N1 pandemic was at its peak, APEX Family Medicine was treating up to fifteen H1N1 influenza cases daily. With the numbers on the rise, APEX Family Medicine needed an innovative solution to alert patients of the vaccine’s availability in a controlled and cost effective manner. By joining forces with Solutionreach, a service that allows medical practices to text message and e-mail patients to remind them of upcoming appointments, APEX Family Medicine was able to determine high risk H1N1 patients based on the CDC’s criteria and use their Solutionreach system to generate priority groups for efficient messaging about the availability of the vaccine.

“This innovative technology filled a critical need in a critical time,” says Chloe Bailey, the APEX Family Medicine physician assistant who coordinated the messaging initiative. “Our patients are our top priority, and Solutionreach helped us keep this focus during a time when so many needed our immediate care and attention. Our e-messaging campaign was well-received and proved to be a timely intervention for our highest-risk patients at APEX.”

Solutionreach allows practices to create specific patient messaging groups, which they can then send a customized email or text message to. Priority groups for the H1N1 vaccine were created within APEX’s Solutionreach account, which allowed them to deliver timely customized messages to these patients as soon as the vaccine had become available.