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Dental Product Shopper: The Solutionreach Platform

Posted on May 01, 2014 by Solutionreach

As seen in, May 2014

This comprehensive suite of patient engagement and communication solutions keeps the practice top of mind.

Text Communication to Patients

From its beginnings the first text and email patient messaging service, Solutionreach has evolved into a complete service with a cloud-based platform full of provider-led solutions that use the latest text, email, voice, video, web, and social media tools. It combines high-tech tools with high-touch interaction by automating and personalizing nearly every type of customized communication for long-time, new, and prospective patients. This includes text, email, or landline appointment reminders; confirmations; recare and reactivation; referrals; birthday wishes; surveys; newsletters; customized education and promotion campaigns; and more. Solutionreach is built around processes, best practices, and methodologies that enable practices to communicate and engage with patients in a way that enhances—not compromises—the practice-patient relationship.


Effective, Patient-friendly Appointment Reminders…


Automated phone reminders from Solutionreach are delivered with a natural-voice introduction from the practice staff, not simulated robotic speech. Solutionreach safely reads from all phone fields in the practice management system and is able to distinguish compatible mobile numbers from land lines, enabling text messaging to all mobile numbers.

One of the most popular Solutionreach capabilities is ASAP Messaging to help fill last-minute openings. If the practice’s management software stores a wait list, it can be set up to sync with Solutionreach. When there is a last-minute cancellation, a notice can easily be sent to everyone on that list. Solutionreach confirmations are “intelligent.” Solutionreach reads the schedule and recognizes when an appointment has already been confirmed. Subsequent (already scheduled) messages are then changed to reminders, not confirmation requests. Solutionreach also recognizes when an appointment has been rescheduled and confirms/reminds only the rescheduled, not the originally scheduled appointment.

PatientReach Digital Patient Check-In Tablet

…And Much More

While Solutionreach offers the convenience of automated appointment reminders via a variety of channels, it also provides a range of services above and beyond:

Recare Reminders—To prevent a slowdown in the hygiene department and a consequent impact on the restorative schedule, lost and inactive patients can be automatically reminded if they haven’t rescheduled their regular appointment. A special reactivation offer can be included to sweeten the message.

New Patient Referrals—The practice’s patient base is the best resource for new patients. Solutionreach includes a link for patient referrals in every appointment reminder, newsletter, or any other emails. Referrals can be tracked so referring patients can be acknowledged.

E-Newsletters—Solutionreach lets practices easily create newsletters from a large database of articles and/or original content. Custom mastheads are available to match the practice brand.

Custom Promotions—Custom emails are available to promote new services and technologies with a special offer just for existing patients. These custom communications can announce special events or other practice news, send holiday greetings, and more. • Surveys—Solutionreach can generate surveys to poll patient preferences. The surveys can be custom written and designed, and results are posted on a free microsite. The review “feed” can be added to the practice website so patients can see all the positive things existing patients are saying about the practice.

Birthday Wishes—A “birthday surprise” can be included with the practice’s e-card by recording a special video to help celebrate the patient’s birthday.

Patient Portal—An online portal gives patients access to front-desk services from anywhere.


Practice-building Tools


In addition to maintaining and growing relationships with existing patients, Solutionreach offers a range of integrated tools to attract new patients to the practice. Google Places Pages expose the practice to new patients searching for a dentist in the same geographic area. By claiming its Google Places page, a practice greatly improves its online presence. Solutionreach helps with this process. Plus, Solutionreach reviews can be syndicated to Google’s “Reviews from around the web.”

Analytics provide reliable reporting on monthly and daily production numbers, offering valuable insight as to where potential production may be hiding.

Solutionreach syncs multiple times per day with the practice management system, providing an accurate view of the practice schedule and capturing cancellations/changes. Online Maps create geographic positioning of the patient database, with recently acquired patients highlighted. This is an important resource for direct mail, targeting prime zip codes for the best response.

Solutionreach makes it easy for the practice to maintain a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Its Social Media Integration provides access to social media to upload business updates, while limiting team members’ access to personal accounts during working hours. Online Reputation Management tracks patient reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and others. In conjunction with Active Presence, Solutionreach helps minimize the visibility and impact of a negative review.


Customer Satisfaction Front & Center


As part of the monthly fee, Solutionreach customers receive regular software upgrades and features as well as unlimited access to live tech support and training. The practice is provided with a group of skilled, motivated team of partners to cater to the specific requirements of the practice. These “Solutionaries” know the practice software and how it works with the Solutionreach platform, and create customized solutions based on the practice’s unique needs.

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The Solutionreach Platform

Solutionreach pioneered electronic patient messaging more than a decade ago, and continues to raise the bar for the way providers engage their patients. Solutionreach has evolved into a full cloud-based platform of even more solutions for ensuring practice success, with tools that increase revenue, decrease costs, and optimize office efficiency.

Solutionreach syncs with existing practice software to automate text and email appointment reminders, patient surveys, newsletter campaigns, and recare or follow up messaging. The platform also integrates tools for targeted patient outreach, social media, patient reviews, and online reputation management. With unlimited support from a team of dedicated experts, Solutionreach is simple to use and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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