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Do Third-Party Patient Portals Offer Any Advantages Over Vendor-Specific Options?

Posted on Jan 14, 2015 by Solutionreach

As seen in an article posted January 14, 2015 on HIStalkpractice.com

Zach Watson, content manager at TechnologyAdvice, recognized Solutionreach in a write up about the advantages of adopting patient portal technology and how to choose one that’s the right fit for your practice. He points out that although some EHR vendors have an existing relationship with a particular patient portal service, this may not be the best method of choosing such a vital type of medical software.

Zach suggests that, although it is human nature to want to go with a service that is simple and service specific, it is wise to think outside the box in order to achieve successful patient engagement, better data exchange, and to have access to more effective patient education tools. Zach aims to shed light on the fact that although the term “automation” may elicit the idea that interaction is robotic, it is actually a very targeted strategy.

Here is how Zach describes total patient engagement with Solutionreach:

“Solutionreach is an excellent example. Beyond patient portal capabilities, this software also supplies practices with the ability to automate appointment reminders, sending quick email reminders to patients about upcoming office visits. If your office hours are booked and you have patients on a waiting list for appointments, this software can send e-mails to these patients once you have a cancellation, which lets you cover open appointment slots.

Solutionreach can also integrate with various social media channels, which makes posting educational information or answering patient questions much easier than working with three or four separate accounts. An increasing number of patients are using social media to find information and choose providers, so this feature is more than just a marketing tool.”

To read Zach’s full article on the advantages of third-party patient portal services, visit his website HIStalkpractice.com.

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