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Healthcare Innovators Partner to Promote Targeted Patient Education Through Technology

Posted on Oct 03, 2013 by Solutionreach

Healthcare innovation has taken a giant step forward today as Solutionreach and Eyemaginations partner to provide eyecare professionals with the most innovative form of patient education and engagement technology available.

The relationship integrates educational videos from Eyemaginations into Solutionreach, a cloud-based platform for automating and customizing patient outreach to bridge the communication gap between healthcare providers and their patients.

Eyemaginations creates 3-D animated videos that healthcare providers can use to educate patients about complex topics in a simplified manner. The partnership automatically grants access to a subset of full-length eyecare-related videos to vision professionals using Solutionreach, and the full library of eyecare videos will be integrated into the Solutionreach account for vision users with new or existing Eyemaginations subscriptions.

The integration allows vision practices to easily send videos to all or segments of their patient base in the correspondence they customize within their Solutionreach platform.

“We are thrilled to include our best-in-class patient education videos in the industry’s leading patient communication system,” states Smitha Gopal, VP of Product & Strategy for Eyemaginations, Inc. “We believe that giving patients access to timely, specific visual education helps them make better health decisions and stay connected to their doctor.”

The partnership between Solutionreach and Eyemaginations makes it easier for patients to receive information that is both pertinent to their needs and simple to understand, encouraging increased involvement in their health and better relationships with their doctors.

“We are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare by continually expanding upon the tools we offer for educating patients and enhancing doctor-patient relationships,” says Jim Higgins, founder and CEO of Solutionreach. “The integration of the high-quality educational videos for Eyemaginations is an exciting addition that propels us one step closer toward our goal of Total Patient Engagement.”

Eyemaginations videos are expected to be included in the Solutionreach service for vision practices by early November 2013.

About Solutionreach

Solutionreach, Inc. is a cloud-based platform that provides healthcare practices with “high-tech” tools for automated Total Patient Engagement without sacrificing the “high-touch” personalization that is necessary when interacting with patients. Solutionreach began as the pioneer in automated patient messaging via text and email, and has evolved into a dynamic platform of solutions for helping practices communicate with, educate and engage their patients. Healthcare providers use the Solutionreach platform to maintain engaged relationships and well-informed patients, thereby improving the quality of patient care and the number of positive outcomes. By sending the right message, to the right patient, at the right time, Solutionreach helps practices make every patient the only patient. For more information, visit solutionreach.com.

About Eyemaginations

Eyemaginations, Inc. is a healthcare media company focused on solutions that support professionals, patients and corporations in communicating and understanding complex topics. The company’s in-depth experience with animation, design and software has enabled Eyemaginations to create integrated systems that provide clear and concise education solutions. Eyemaginations has a comprehensive solution for eyecare, ENT, audiology, and facial aesthetics. For more information, visit Eyemaginations online at www.eyemaginations.com.

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