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New Article Showcas"s Medical Office Survey Results on Healthcare IT Today

Posted on May 09, 2019 by Solutionreach

Healthcare-IT-Today-logoIn a new article on Healthcare IT Today, Jim HIggins looks at the results of the recent State of PRM report. Over 700 healthcare providers and staff were surveyed to gather data about who is using patient relationship management software, and what the impact has been.

"One of the big questions when making any change in a healthcare organization is what impact that change will have on the bottom line," says Higgins. "The State of PRM report found that implementing a PRM system comes with some big financial gains due to its ability to reduce no-shows and increase recall appointments."

The survey also found time savings for staff and benefits for patients, including improved outcomes and experience. 

To find out more about the results, read the full article on Healthcare IT Today.