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New In Medical Economics: Want Better Outcomes, Improve Patient Communication

Posted on Sep 12, 2019 by Solutionreach

In a new article in Medical Economics, Josh Weiner, president and COO at Solutionreach, looks at how improving patient communication can also improve outcomes.

Improve Patient Communication Medical Economics

"Unfortunately, medical organizations often fail to take advantage of technology in one of the most basic (but important) of its processes: communication," says Weiner in the article. "Traditional processes often create critical communication gaps that hurt collaboration, care, and—ultimately—outcomes. There are communication breakdowns happening throughout the entire continuum of care. Just as small holes in a ship can eventually lead to a catastrophic sinking, small holes in your communication can sink your practice as well."

In the article, Weiner looks at the communication gaps in healthcare and how technolocy can help. Read more about his suggestions in the full article in Medical Economics.