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New on IDH, AI: The Unexpected Trust-Building Tool in Healthcare

Posted on Feb 10, 2020 by Solutionreach

In a new article on Inside Digital Health, Solutionreach CEO, Josh Weiner, looks at the ways that AI may change patient communication and enagement.

ai in healthcare

"Healthcare is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before," Weiner says. "From ongoing growth in small practice acquisition and “minute clinics” to the shift in patient expectations, healthcare organizations are facing never-before-seen challenges. The biggest problem may be that the resources of facilities are stretched as they take on more patients, but to prevent losing them, organizations need to give even more attention and personalized care to patients to ensure satisfaction."

The article looks at several studies that point to why AI is going to important in driving improvements in patient experience and provides a list of ways AI can do just that. To get more details, read the full article on Inside Digital Health.