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Now in Medcity News - AI Seen as the Next Frontier in Patient Texting

Posted on Oct 30, 2020 by Solutionreach

new article in MedCityNews  provides an interview with Nagi Prabhu, Chief Product Officer at Solutionreach and Leslie Baker of Allied Physicians Group, a Solutionreach customer discussing the role artificial intelligence (AI) will play in patient texting.

Allied is already using text successfully with patients and Baker says it pays for itself. Prabhu believes it is hte future and that AI-driven features will add convenience for patients and save time for staff. He notes in the interview, "After analyzing texts sent through [the Solutionreach] platform, it found that 30% of patients often text outside normal office hours and that 60% of those conversations were related to scheduling, whether it was to reschedule an appointment or ask about parking. The goal has been to automate replies as much as possible so that providers don’t have to answer the same questions over and over and so that patients get replies more quickly.

To learn more about the role AI is playing in patient communication, read the full article on MedCityNews.