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Read "For One Pediatric Practice, mHealth Is Small but Significant" on mHealthIntelligence

Posted on Dec 03, 2018 by Solutionreach

In the latest article on mHealthIntelligence, Eric Wiklund interview Beth Bettencourt, operations manager at Pediatric Associates of Stockton about mHealth tools.

According to the article, Pediatric Associates of Stockton is seeing positive results from an mHealth messaging platform from Solutionreach launched last year. They're an example of how connected care doesn't have to be big and splashy to prove its value.

In fact, the article discusses how slow and delibertate the practice has been about adopting technology and how effective the approach has been. They have significantly reduced no-shows and increased recare appointments while maintaining a very personal touch with patients.

To get the full story, read the article on mHealthIntelligence.