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Read How to Use Patient Outreach Technology in Patient Centered Care on Patient Engagement HIT 

Posted on Mar 19, 2018 by Solutionreach

In a new article on Patient EngagementHIT, Solutionreach customer Lynn Frazier of Grunberger Diabetes Institute talks about the benefits of using patient outreach technology.

At Grunberger Diabetes institute, patient outreach technology has helped to reduce patient no-shows and increase recare visits while preserving personal care. 

Frazier says that the combination of personal relationships with providers and staff and the ongoing communication is what is building relationships. "Our doctors are very personable and know all of the patients. They know what's going on in their lives and they try to keep in contact with them just so the patient knows that they're there,” Frazier concluded in the article. “The more they hear from us, the stronger the connection and the stronger the relationship they have with our office between physician and patient.”

To find out more about the experience of Grunberger Diabetes Institute, read the full article on Patient EngagementHIT.