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Read Nurturing Inspiration and Innovation During a Pandemic in Utah Business

Posted on Oct 06, 2020 by Solutionreach

utah business 10 20-1Solutionreach president and CEO, Josh Weiner, recently wrote an article in Utah Business discussing how the company has managed during COVID. He reviewed some of the challenges and solutions that were used bot internally with Solutionreach staff and with the company's customers.

"As a company focused on communication, we know how important it is that our team members feel valued and connected while working virtually (we went fully virtual at the beginning of the pandemic)," wrote Weiner. "We immediately instituted a weekly all-hands virtual meeting, which persists to this day. At this meeting, we are always open and honest about the state of the company, the impacts of COVID-19, and our game plan moving forward."

He went on to explain that many of the company's customers faced unprecedented challenges. And how the team worked to support them. "In addition, many healthcare organizations were temporarily shut down but patients still needed to access care. I am proud of how our team worked around the clock to create newsletter templates, text messages, and other critical communications that our customers could send to their patients. In the first week of the shutdowns, we delivered 50 million patient messages. We also developed a comprehensive comeback plan, paving the way for healthcare providers to reboot their operations once they could safely do so."

To learn more about how Solutionreach has been getting through COVID, read the full article on Utah Business.