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Smiling Magazine- Solutionreach: Patient Communication Now Just a Click or Text Away

Posted on Jul 01, 2011 by Solutionreach

In our world today, communication technology reigns supreme. With texting, e-mailing and social media networking, it’s never been easier to contact someone. So why shouldn’t the dental industry take advantage of these new trends in communication? A revolutionary messaging system known as Solutionreach is ready to assist with that.

Utilizing messaging technology, Solutionreach software allows dental practices to contact patients through automated e-mail, text messaging and other online portals to reactivate lost and inactive patients, refer new patients, remind and confirm appointments and send custom promotions and greetings. So instead of just calling a patient to confirm an appointment reminder, team members can send a message reminding the patient days, even hours, in advance. Practices are charged one flat monthly fee for this service, no per-message or support fees. The system is secure and reliable as well. Similar to online banking, an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used to eliminate virus threats or corruption.

DeAnn McClain, one of Heartland’s Vice Presidents of Operations, explains how Solutionreach is a great addition to the win-win solution Heartland offers doctors and patients. “Heartland offices are all about giving their patients choices. Partnering with Solutionreach will allow us to communicate with patients the way they prefer. All of our offices can now offer patients the additional convenience of receiving text and/or e-mail communications regarding their appointments as well as in-office promotions.”

The benefits of this software are tremendous. “The efficiencies my office has gained from using Solutionreach are priceless,” raved Dr. Fran Adkins at Blackman Family Dental. “My Business Assistants are spending considerably less time on the phone confirming appointment reminders and reactivating patients, allowing more time for patient care.”

Dr. Adkins noted the scheduling process benefited as well, with a reduction in no shows (decreasing missed appointments up to 50%) and an increase in filling last minute openings. In addition, patients feel more connected to their practice, increasing patient loyalty. More loyal patients equal more referrals.

Speaking of referrals, that process is greatly simplified with the Solutionreach Refer-a-Friend feature. This feature grants patients and clients the ability to send recommendations to friends, family and anyone else of their choosing. It’s as simple as clicking a referral button or link that allows several referrals to be sent at once.

“My team can now track each referred patient and associated production,” explained Dr. Adkins. “Now it’s so much easier to identify and reward loyal, referring patients.”

The recare feature can also be very advantageous. It allows dental teams to reactivate lost patients and retain existing patients by sending an automatic recare message prior to their next continuing care date. The message will remind them that an appointment is due. From there, patients can click on a “request-an-appointment” button, which immediately notifies the practice.

“In addition to the value of the efficiencies Solutionreach will bring to our offices, we will also be able to reactivate previously non-responsive patients,” said McClain. “The ability to notify our patients of overdue preventative or outstanding treatment helps us execute our philosophy of Lifetime Care.”

Besides appointment reminder messages, the system can also be utilized for custom promotions, newsletter library and holiday greetings. Promotional messages can be useful in marketing new products or services, seasonal incentives, special product day announcements and other information regarding the doctor or practice, such as new certifications or accomplishments.

Pre-designed or custom newsletters can also be sent, providing practice news and information, as well as holiday greetings for birthdays or other special occasions. These updates can offer several positive results, such as maintaining a connection with patients, spreading interest in dental services, encouraging new referrals and generally raising a practice’s professional image.

“The impact Solutionreach is already having on our patients and in our practices is undeniable,” said McClain. “With its ability to increase revenue, improve overall efficiency and reinforce patient relations, this system will take an already successful practice to the next level.”
The future is here, and Solutionreach is ready to take Heartland into this new, exciting world!

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