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Solutionreach Launches Revenue Collection Tools for Healthcare Practices

Posted on Sep 05, 2014 by Solutionreach

September 5, 2014
Lehi, UT: Solutionreach, the industry leader for patient relationship management technology, has released new Automated Revenue Management tools that help healthcare practices collect revenue they would otherwise miss out on.

Solutionreach is a robust, cloud-based platform of solutions that enable healthcare providers to manage their patient relationships and improve patient engagement. The platform provides many tools to help them communicate more effectively and efficiently with their patients.

The all-inclusive platform’s new Automated Revenue Management features consist of various strategies for making it easier and more likely for patients to submit payments toward their outstanding balance. Like other Solutionreach features, the tools also reduce overhead by streamlining office tasks and reducing the need for mailed statements.

Establishing more effective billing notifications for patients is one of the capabilities included with the new set of Automated Revenue Management features. With advanced technology that allows a practice to deliver strategically timed outreach, patients will be more likely to receive and take note of their outstanding balance notifications.

In addition to various cloud-based messaging options, Solutionreach allows the practice to send mobile notifications to their patients through the new PatientReach Mobile application that is included with their service.

The Revenue Management notifications are highly customizable. Practices can do things like setting unique minimum balance and days-overdue parameters, or electing to create their own templates rather than use the options built into the platform.

Built-in solutions have been created to simplify and encourage the payment process by bypassing the hurdles typically preventing timely payments. Mobile notifications allow patients to immediately view their statement and submit secure mobile payments from within the PatientReach Mobile application. They can also be immediately directed to the practice’s patient portal, another easy option for viewing their statement and making a payment.

“Our revenue management engine will be a very tangible, direct ROI-generating feature for our customers in terms of both additional receipts and reduced cost associated with billing/collection efforts,” says Thomas Skinner, VP of Client Success for Solutionreach. 

Practices are also able to access reporting that will give them a clear view of the impact that the Automated Revenue Management tools are having on their revenue.

For more information about the Automated Revenue Management and other solutions included with the Solutionreach platform, visit this page.

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