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Solutionreach Video Tool Listed as a “PracticeChanging Product” on Annual DPR 100 List

Posted on Dec 01, 2009 by Solutionreach

Dental Products Report Honors the Solutionreach Patient Video Testimonial Tool

Comprehensive patient communication service, Solutionreach, is being honored by Dental Products Report’s DPR 100 List, a prestigious annual list that determines key industry products integral to dentistry and practice management. This year, the company used a viral marketing tool, SR Video, which has been named one of DPR 100’s “Five Products That Will Change Your Practice in the Next Five Years.” SR Video, an in-office patient testimonial capture system, utilizes new media channels to revolutionize patient marketing for dental practices nationwide.

As a leading trade publication in the dental industry, Dental Products Report reviews a wide variety of products, tools, and technology available in the dental market. The magazine’s annual year end DPR 100 list is a representation of industry trends changing the tenor of clinical practice, and SR Video is no exception. Utilized to capture, manage and distribute patient testimonials on the web, SR Video allows dental practices to automatically capture, tag and upload patient video testimonials to popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Videos, and Yahoo! video. The result is increased online visibility for the practice and a cool new form of communication for patients and patient prospects.

“The internet has changed the way in which potential patients research and find dentists, and we’re here to help the industry adapt accordingly,” says Solutionreach President and CEO Jim Higgins. “SR Video is one of the most effective means of reaching a potential patient base on a large scale, and we’re thrilled that the DPR 100 is honoring our technology and hard work.”

Through SR Video, potential patients can find reviews from current patients and feel more confident in their decision about which dentist to choose. Dental practices are able to up their bottom line by increasing their client base as well as their work with current patients – just the kind of Web 2.0 product that the DPR 100 believes to be practice-changing. Dental Product Report’s Top Five category will feature Web 2.0 products with a focus on the changing ways dentists communicate with each other and patients, in addition to marketing on the Web.

Already helping over 6,000 dentists, doctors and healthcare professionals effectively communicate with over 10 million patients nationwide, Solutionreach continues to effectively improve doctor-patient relationships for better practice management and better business.