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                        Patient Satisfaction Surveys

                        In this era of consumerized healthcare, the patient experience is a main driver in determining a patient’s choices regarding their healthcare providers. Implementing patient surveys through Solutionreach is an effective way to monitor the patient reviews and improve patient experience.

                        Solutionreach patient satisfaction surveys are unique and designed with your practice in mind:

                        • Customizable – Surveys can be completely customized by the practice. That means you can get the feedback you really want instead of being confined to a pre-determined list of questions. And that means you’ll solicit more valuable patient feedback. And THAT leads to greater transparency about your strengths and opportunities to improve upon the patient experience. Survey customization is an awesome thing.
                        • Automated – Don’t let your office staff waste time by sending out surveys individually to all patients. It’s such a painful way to get feedback. Solutionreach allows for automated patient reviews to be automatically distributed to patients, saving the office valuable time. We’ll even do it right after a patient’s visit, so the experience is still fresh on their mind.
                        • Targeted – Patients have varying needs, so surveys shouldn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. Leverage the customization within Solutionreach and target patient surveys to specific groups to further improve patient relationships and loyalty.

                        Patient Surveys and Reviews with Solutionreach

                        Solutionreach has helped Margaret Benson of Virginia Eye Institute get a greater number of surveys and reviews filled by patients, helping them to improve their practice reputation and to quickly address any issues.


                        Net Promoter Scores

                        What is a Net Promoter Score? Great question. It’s a number that illustrates the likelihood that a patient will recommend your practice. Think of it as a single-metric way to check the pulse of patient satisfaction. Solutionreach collects NPS data from your survey results and keeps you aware of your score in the dashboard.

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