Automated patient reminders for appointments and more.

Totally automated. Completely personal.

SR Conversations

Send a patient a text about their upcoming appointment or a recall visit or anything else, and they can text back with any questions or comments. You’ll see the whole interaction history right there in the tool. You can even flag the ones that need immediate response to prioritize your follow-up. SR Conversations takes patient reminders to a new level.

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Automated Appointment Reminders

How much are no-shows costing your practice? The answer is “too much." So we have to do everything we can to minimize those missed appointments.

With Solutionreach’s appointment reminder software, your practice is able to strategically deliver reminders to all upcoming patients. Based on patient preferences, patients can receive email, text or phone call reminders.

This is how you cover appointment reminders in a way that works for both your patients and your staff.


Intelligent patient recall from Solutionreach maintains high patient volume and increases practice revenue.

  • Proactive messaging – Solutionreach improves ongoing care for patients by automatically delivering messages before a patient is due for a continuing care appointment. We’ll connect if they’re overdue as well.  
  • Customizable settings – The content and design of patient recall messages are unique to your practice. Adjust scheduled delivery times, branding, or message text all based on individual practice preferences.
  • Simplified scheduling – Streamline the scheduling process for patients through Solutionreach’s patient recall. Patients can easily schedule upcoming appointments with a click of a button directly from the recall message.

Check out the stats for Virginia Eye Institute!

They’ve improved recall bookings with Solutionreach automated messages.


appointments booked within the first 30 days

$1.6 million

in additional appointment revenue

Payment Reminders

Simplify payment notifications for your practice through Solutionreach’s payment reminders feature.

You’ll have a variety of ways for office staff to remind patients of outstanding balances, including emails and the mobile app. Set up a notification schedule so payment reminders are automatically delivered to patients, helping your practice improve cash flow while saving valuable time for the office staff.

Product Notifications

How do you let your patients know it’s time to pick up products such as glasses and contacts, dental products and cosmeceuticals?

Solutionreach can send those patients a quick message to reduce delays for product pickups, and they’ll appreciate the outreach. You’ll appreciate not having to manually make the notifications. It’s win-win.

No-shows no more!

Sounds great, right? Find out how to make it a reality.