Online appointment scheduling, patient portals and more.

Be a breath of fresh air and make everything a lot more convenient for your patients.

SR Conversations

You’ll finally be able to categorize incoming texts from patients and determine which ones need to take priority for follow-up. You’ll be able to identify potential new patients and patients who need a more immediate response. And you’ll have access to your entire conversation history with that patient, so you always have a clear context for each patient message.

For patients, communication’s never been easier. Nothing to download. No need to register. Just text and get answers. How awesome is that?!?

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Limelight Self-Scheduling

Think your patients would self-schedule appointments given the opportunity? They absolutely would. It’s super convenient, and they can do it from their preferred device – phone, tablet, whatever.

Here’s what you get out of the deal:

  • Fewer missed appointments - When patients can take time to review their calendar before booking, they’re more likely to keep the appointment. Makes sense, right?
  • More loyal patients - You’re hooking them up with a self-scheduling tool that they want. Huge boost for patient satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Office efficiency - Scheduling appointments can take up to 8 minutes on average when done over the phone. Let’s get staff off the phone and working with in-office patients.
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ASAP Wait List Messaging

If your practice management software stores a wait list, Solutionreach can automatically build an "ASAP" group within your Solutionreach platform. When a cancellation occurs, you can automatically send an email or text message to those patients with the date and time for the now-available appointment. The notification encourages patients to call ASAP and claim the open slot in your schedule.

Patients that want to get in quickly will appreciate the opportunity to conveniently grab the last-minute opening.

Patient App

Anytime, anywhere — that’s the reality of when and where patients want access to your practice. We can make it happen with PatientReach Mobile — Solutionreach’s free mobile patient app. It allows your patients to do things they ask you about all the time.

  • Managing their appointments - They can jump into the app for online appointment booking and make adjustments to times and dates as needed. No need to call the practice.
  • Submit a payment - A big part of getting paid is making it easy. PatientReach Mobile is perfect for that.
  • Secure messaging - It’s so convenient for a patient to be able to connect with your office through an app.

"When we finally did move over to a communication platform, I was amazed at the number of patients that would tell me how amazed they were that they could just respond to an appointment request, and they could just say 'Yes, I'll be there'."

- Dr. Joel Sollom, Focused Eyecare


Check-In Tablet

Patient access totally exists during the check-in process too. Providing the PatientReach Tablet during the check-in process offers a couple of cool things. First, point-of-care patient education. The waiting room is a fantastic learning environment for your patients, and you can provide info to help them with care management. The tablet also allows for verification or changes to patient information. They’re waiting anyway. Make use of that time!

Patient Portal

Solutionreach also offers patient engagement portal functionality that empowers patients to knock out a variety of different care-related responsibilities. They can schedule appointments. They can make payments. The portal is a great way to access important documents, see before-and-after photos and much more. And it can happen from any electronic device.

Patient Pay

You’ll have the patient portal. And you’ll have the patient app. Those are both awesome ways to enable payments from your patients. But you can also have outbound messages sent directly to patients that encourage them to make a payment. With our email automation solutions, notifications are automatically delivered, saving your staff hours of time while making sure you collect your hard-earned revenue.

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