Why do we offer online reputation management services?

Because you're awesome. And everyone needs to know it.

Online Reviews

Online provider reviews are more important than ever before. 77% of patients use online doctor ratings and reviews as the first step when selecting a healthcare provider. You can’t afford to leave those online reviews unattended.

Solutionreach employs a three-fold strategy to ensure a comprehensive online review presence:

  1. Actively monitor existing reviews – With Solutionreach, your practice will never be in the dark when it comes to what’s being said about you online. Conveniently view all pertinent review information directly on the Solutionreach dashboard.
  2. Collect new reviews – Without reviews, patients can get the wrong impression about your practice. Solutionreach makes it easy for patients to review your practice.
  3. Push reviews across websites – Positive patient satisfaction reviews aren’t very impactful if no one sees them. Solutionreach directs reviews to the sites that need them the most, maximizing their impact and visibility.

Solutionreach and Healthgrades Reviews Help Improve Your Practice

Dr. Joel Sollom of Focused Eye Care, in Lakeville, MN, tells how adding Solutionreach and Healthgrades has helped his practice respond to patient reviews, making his clinic more successful!



You can also crank it up several notches with Healthgrades — the nation’s number one resource for online provider reputation management and doctor reviews and listings.

Solutionreach’s partnership with Healthgrades opens up invaluable opportunities for your practice to increase visibility and automate its online presence. Not only can prospective patients easily schedule appointments online directly from your Healthgrades profile, but your practice will be more relevant and discoverable to those online readers. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Your patients are online. Shouldn't you be as well?

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