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There's a lot more to patient communication than reminders.

Get the right messages to the right patients every time.

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Targeted patient communication improves the experience for patients and providers.

There are so many reasons you might need to connect with a patient or group of patients. From office closures to targeted education to simple birthday greetings, Solutionreach provides the ability communicate with one or many patients for any reason.

Post-Visit Follow Up

Providers often have only minutes with patients during a visit. Patients forget as much as half of what they hear in that visit by the time they reach the car. To help patients manage their health, you need more ways to connect with and educate patients. Solutionreach makes it easy to send post-visit follow ups with reminders and instructions, as well as targeted education, to help patients follow through and stay healthy.

Group Messages

Things happen. A provider has to take the day off. A storm hits. It messes with the schedule and puts pressure on staff. How can you reach patients quickly? Groups of patients with specific diagnoses or treatment plans have unique needs. How can you effectively support them? With Solutionreach, that’s how. Send customized messages to specific groups of patients. Let them know you’ll will be closed and how to reschedule or send a targeted message to patients with disease-specific education. Done.

Product Notifications

Some healthcare organizations spend a lot of time calling patients to pick up products like glasses, contacts, dental products, supplements, and cosmeceuticals. It’s a huge time-suck, but no more. Solutionreach can send a quick notification, saving time and getting patients the products they need. It’s a win-win.

Birthday Messages

There are lots of ways to stay connected with patients, but one of the best—and most fun—is with birthday messages. You can use a Solutionreach template message or create your own (that’s the fun part!). The added bonus is that the patient gets the message at lunchtime on their birthday when they are likely to be with friends and family. It’s a great way to engage patients. Getting discovered by new ones is icing on the cake. No apologies for that pun.


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