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Save 15 Hours of Phone Time Each Week

Posted on Dec 21, 2017 by Alyessa D'Ewart

    Note: This is one in a series of posts featuring case studies from our clients. To download the full pdf, click here. 

    Texting and newsletters save practices time and moneyHighlights:

    • Saved 15 hours per week
    • Reduced no-show by 15%
    • Sent nearly 3,000 newsletters
    • Sends messages in both English and Spanish


    About Northside Dental

    Northside Dental, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers a comprehensive range of general and cosmetic dental services. The practice focuses on holistic dentistry, centered around dental care as a part of overall wellness, and helping patients understand how healthy teeth and gums can positively affect other aspects of their health. The staff at Northside Dental chose Solutionreach to improve communication with their patients and increase efficiency in the practice.

    Case Study

    Aurora Linehan, service coordinator at Northside Dental, is always looking for tools to help the practice grow and improve communication with their patients. So when she discovered Solutionreach would send appointment reminders in English or Spanish, she knew she had to try it out.

    “We have a large Spanish-speaking population,” explains Aurora. “Solutionreach allows us to customize the text and email appointment reminders to be sent in the language the patient prefers. We have fewer no-show appointments since our patients started receiving the reminders in their native language.”

    Solutionreach can send messages in spanish and englishNot only did Aurora appreciate the ability to customize the language for each patient, she took advantage of other settings she could customize too. These small changes resulted in a 15 percent decrease in missed appointments for Northside Dental.

    “We customize the reminders to go out as often as each patient would like,” says Aurora. “They are reminded when they want to be reminded, and they have enough time to make any changes or reschedule the appointment. But for the most part, patients tend to show up more often now that they are receiving consistent reminders.”

    Automated Recare Messages

    Along with automating appointment reminders, Aurora also saves time each week with automated recare messages.

    “Instead of calling for every single appointment or recare reminder, Solutionreach emails, calls, or texts patients automatically,” Aurora says. “I can focus more on what’s going on in the office and the patients who are here.”

    Aurora spent nearly three hours every day making these phone calls. Since implementing Solutionreach, she uses that time to prepare for upcoming appointments, answer questions from patients, and complete other clinical tasks.

    “I am more available in the office since I’m not spending all my time calling lists of patients,” Aurora explains.

    Offering Different Methods of Communication

    The patients at Northside Dental have responded well to the consistent communication, and appreciate how easy it is to communicate with the staff.

    “Our patients love having different options to communicate with us,” states Aurora. “Whether they use them all or not, they love having the option. Our patients all have busy lives, and it’s hard to make time for a phone call. They like to email or text us to ask questions.”

    Texting in the practice is something both staff and patients have come to rely on. With Solutionreach, the Patients can text practices at workpractice text-enabled their existing landline so patients can text their questions instead of calling.

    “Our patients really enjoy this feature,” explains Aurora. “Most people can’t have their phones on at work, but they can text silently. So we can communicate appointment times, answer their questions, and discuss cost over text.”

    Northside Dental asks each patient for consent to discuss any protected health information, so they can maintain HIPAA compliance while texting with patients.

    The practice also uses Solutionreach to allow patients to schedule appointments online, view past and future appointments, and pay their bills.

    “Patients like the online scheduler because they can pick a day and time without having to go back and forth with us here in the office,” explains Aurora. “Pretty much everything is at their fingertips.”

    Educating Patients through Newsletters

    Aurora also makes a point to reach out to patients between appointments, and not wait for them to contact the office.

    “We love to make sure our patients are educated about everything that is going on in their mouth so they can make better decisions for themselves,” says Aurora. “With newsletters, we’re able to send specific information to patients based on their treatment plan. We can educate them about particular procedures or why specific treatment options are beneficial.”

    Northside Dental has sent newsletters to almost three thousand patients, offering well-rounded, informed ideas to keep themselves healthy.

    “Most people don’t know too much about how the mouth affects the body, so the newsletters really help,” Aurora says.

    For Aurora and the staff at Northside Dental, Solutionreach has saved them time while improving communication with their patients.

    “Solutionreach streamlined our communication, boosted productivity, and increased efficiency,” states Aurora. “It’s like having another person working in the front office, covering tasks that may fall through the cracks or things you may not have time to get to. It helps us deliver the highest level of care that we want to provide to our patients.”

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    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D’Ewart is a content writer at Solutionreach. She holds a master’s degree in professional communication from Weber State University. Alyessa has spent the last three years cultivating her technical writing skills by creating content for a variety of platforms including marketing collateral, website pages, and corporate blogs. As an avid fan of the written word, she can usually be found curled up with a good book.

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