Connect SR Schedule & SR Conversations to Your Google Profile.

Posted on Oct 16, 2018 by Nicole Grosskopf

Question: How do you get the most out of your SR Conversations and SR Schedule products?

Answer: By linking these products to your Google business account!

Both new and existing patients can now easily text your practice directly from the Google search results if you have SR Conversations. Also, both new and existing patients will be able to easily request an appointment with one click on the Google search results if you have SR Schedule.

Here are the top 3-ways linking these will benefit your practice: 

  • Improved patient experience:
    • SR Conversations: When you connect SR Conversations, patients will be able to text your practice directly from mobile Google search results. This makes it much easier for them to connect with you. For example, a patient who uses Google to find your contact information will see that they can instead simply text you.
    • SR Schedule: Similarly, when you connect SR Schedule to your Google profile, they will be able to request an appointment right then and there, without having to look for your website.
  • New patient acquisition:
    • SR Conversations: By connecting your SR Conversations, it will increase the easiness of contacting you, and therefore new patients will be at your door. Imagine a patient is looking online for a new doctor, and yours is the only one which offers the convenience of text. That patient is likely to send you a message before they call anyone else.
    • SR Schedule: New patients searching for a doctor online can easily see your schedule and request an appointment.
  • Improved office efficiency:
    • SR Conversations: Most people book their appointments during the day and explore new practices while at work. They can’t always take time off their daily routines to call you. This will give them the opportunity to ask questions or request an appointment immediately from their computers or phones. This will reduce the number of phone calls placed to your practice as well!
    • SR Schedule: Instead of answering phone calls to book their new appointments, you will be able to approve them with just one click. So you save yourself time and your new patients’ time.

SR Conversations and SR Schedule are now more valuable than ever!

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