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Release Notes 07-22-22

Posted on Jul 22, 2022 by Mike Rigert


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by ...

    • Allowing users to know when another user is typing in SRC 2.0.
    • Providing status indicators for Appointment Reminders & SR Intake on the Appointment calendar in SRC 2.0.
    • Improving all the reports in Location Hub by adding our standard columns where missing and fixing grammatical errors.
    • Replacing the name "Smart Reviews" with "Review Invitations" to be consistent with our branding.
    • Squashing bugs:
      • That caused some newsletters to get stuck in Sending Status.
      • Patients being marked as Blocked in patient profile but not in SRC.
      • Users unable to chat online or access Community.
    • Making some security and backend improvements.

    SRC 2.0: Know someone else is typing

    conservations user typing screen shotWhy? 

    • Conversations users would like the ability to know when another user is typing so that they do not respond to the same patient.

    What you need to know:

    • It shows when another staff user is typing as soon as they start.
    • It displays the user’s name if one person is typing.
    • If multiple people are typing, it shows Multiple people are typing.
    • This is triggered when there is at least one character entered into the message box.
    • There is a 15-minute timeout which stops displaying if someone is typing after that. 
    • Send when the message stops (sent or deleted).
    • If it's been a minute since they started and nothing has been sent, they are considered AWOL.


    Take Action Calendar: Appointment Reminders & SR Intake

    Take Action calendar screen shotWhy? 

    • As we move the functionality into the SR Conversations project, the appointment calendar is a major piece of what is needed. The ability to see reminders that are scheduled and block them when needed is an important tool on the calendar in the platform, so we have added that functionality on the SRC Appointments tab.

    What you need to know:

    • Appointment Reminders is the first section:
      • Message delivery statuses.
      • Ability to see that reminders are scheduled, sent, or unsuccessful.
      • Ability to Block/Unblock Reminders.
    • SR Intake is the second section (if customer has it):
      • Ability to send intake and see sent intake.
      • Ability to download and view completed forms.
      • Intake statuses: forms sent, completed, not sent.


    Location Hub: Adding Standard Columns to All Reports

    Location Hub columns screen shotWhy? 

    • To make our reporting more streamlined, we added the 5 standard columns to all Location Hub reports, updated some report descriptions to be more accurate, and made some spelling corrections.

    What you need to know:

    • All reports should now have our standard 5 columns.
    • We updated the report descriptions for:
      • Group Messages Sent.
      • SR Schedule Appointment Requests Summary.
    • The two SR "Smart Reviews" reports were changed to "Review Invitations."


    SRRE: Replace 'Smart Reviews' with 'Review Invitations'

    Conversations review invitations screen shotWhy? 

    • We have changed the name of "Smart Reviews" to "Review Invitations" to help make training, troubleshooting, and branding more consistent for our users and team members.

    What you need to know:

    • These changes have been made in both the platform and appAdmin.
    • Places that were updated:
      • Conversations
      • Navigation 
      • Patient Page
      • Action List
      • Reports
      • Etc.


    Other Highlights

    • SR Conversations: Patients marked as Blocked in patient profile but not in SRC
      • We fixed a bug where the patient profile showed devices blocked in Conversations, but the patient page in SR Conversations did not.
    • Location Hub: Newsletters stuck in 'Sending' 
      • Some customers sent newsletters that were stuck in a “Sending …” status if the newsletter did not contain a text message. These newsletters did not go out. We have fixed this so that newsletters will send going forward. Released as a hotfix on 7/14/22.
    • SSO/Community: personnel users are unable to access chat features and community 
      • Personnel users were unable to access the community page and chat online options in their account. They received an SSO error stating that the resource they requested was unavailable. This has been fixed.
    • Backend: Upgrades
      • Upgraded software libraries to improve security.
    • Backend: Improved notifications for processed keywords in conversations
      • The Conversations web and mobile clients need to know when patients opt out or in, as well as when the HIPAA consent is given. The web client currently reloads threads after each new message, but it would be more efficient, especially for the mobile client, to be notified directly about these processed keywords. This has been improved.
    Mike Rigert

    Mike Rigert

    Mike Rigert is a writer and content marketing specialist with more than a decade of expertise in the B2B SaaS healthcare sector. He enjoys finding fresh and creative ways to tell the story about Solutionreach's innovative and life-changing patient relationship management platform. In his spare time, Mike enjoys diving into books, geeking out with scifi, expanding his knowledge of military history, and spending time with his wife and three kids.

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