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Release Notes 1-7-21

Posted on Jan 08, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Allowing SR Intake packets to be sent to new phone numbers through SR Conversations

    • Improving the appearance of group messages so that they are mobile-responsive when viewed on patient devices

    • Increasing image width limits for Reminder and Group messages

    • Reducing patient frustration when completing intake packets



    SR Intake: In SR Conversations allow a new number to receive Intake Packets

    In the previous release, the ability to allow patients to proceed through the intake process without verification or the SR Intake Code (formerly PIN) was granted, which allows customers to more easily accommodate unscheduled or walk-in patients more quickly. This saves time for both patients and our customers. In this release, customers are now able to send SR Intake packets through SR Conversations to phone numbers not associated with patients, so that they can send intake packets to new patients who have not synced yet. 

    Relevant Knowledge Base Articles: 


    Platform: Update the group messages to send mobile responsive and show reminder preview as mobile responsive

    To continue improving the way our messages are viewed on patient devices, all group messages will now be sent and received using a mobile-responsive layout. The mobile-responsive layout will also be used on the reminder preview of the Email Design Layout, as well as when previewing a group message.

    Example of a mobile responsive group message 


    Platform: Increase the width limits for Reminder and group message images

    To provide a more appealing design aesthetic to our customers and to match the image width for Recall messages, this release increases the width of the image space in Appointment Reminders and Group Messages from 300 to 468 pixels. If an image is greater than 468 pixels wide, the image will be automatically resized to fit this maximum width. If the image is less than 468 pixels, the image will not be resized. The 468 pixel width is supported in the image library and when uploading an image in a group message template. 

    Relevant Knowledge Base Article: 

    Classic (Before):

    Example of the standard email reminder template prior to this update

    Classic (After):

    Example of the standard email reminder template after to this update

    Mobile-responsive (Before):

    Example of a mobile responsive group message prior to this update

    Mobile-responsive (After):

    Example of a mobile responsive group message after to this update


    SR Intake: Enhance the patient experience on SR Intake Packets

    This release includes the following enhancements to help reduce patient frustration when completing intake packets:

    • Automatically adding slashes between day, month, and year in the date of birth field 
    • When verifying an address, the entire address is now clickable instead of just the radio button
    • Removing alternating row colors in questionnaires so that items don't appear highlighted
    • No longer requiring patients click out of a field before allowing them to click the “Next” button if text has been entered into a field for demographics or questionnaires
    • Aligning text to the center of the screen on login and SR Intake Code (formerly PIN) pages (currently it is misaligned if practice's name is long)
    • Updating the authentication prompt to request the patient’s DOB and address to reduce confusion for parents and/or guardians filling out forms for patients other than themselves



    SR Intake: Intake - Questionnaires - Extra "Divorced" option on Marital template

    A previous release added the Marital Status question to the default survey, but there is an extra "divorced" option that needs to be removed from the list of responses.

    Example of the additional "Divorced" option bug prior to this bug fix

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