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Release Notes 11-13-20

Posted on Nov 13, 2020 by Hilary Melander


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Making it easier for customers to navigate directly to SR Conversations
    • Reducing the amount of time it takes to send SR Intake invitations with shortened URLs 
    • Limiting SR Intake write-backs to the last 2 weeks 
    • Update the CareCredit connection 
    • Updating the Solutionreach login experience
    • Fixing a bug related to blocked messages in SR Conversations.


    SR Conversations: Add launch button to the Overview page 

    In an effort to streamline the user experience, an SR Conversations launch button was added to the Overview page.

    Launch SR Conversations from the Overview page


    SR Intake: Improve intake request short URL creation performance 

    We’ve updated the existing code to shorten the amount of time required to create a short URL for SR Intake.

    SR Intake: Limit write-back integration to last two weeks 

    SR Intake write-back is now limited to 2 weeks at initial setup. The SR Intake Dentrix and Open Dental beta programs revealed the need to limit the write-back history in order to minimize initial setup time required for customers.

    Helpful blog post: Now in Beta: SR Intake Write-backs for Dentrix and Open Dental

    Platform: Update the CareCredit URL creation

    CareCredit recently updated their integration, limiting some customers from easily extending financial aid options to patients. In this release we have updated the connection so customers can enable patients to learn how much aid they qualify for before coming into an appointment. Patients simply click on the CareCredit banner attached to Recall, Newsletters, and Reminders messages. It's like having the financial discussion before the patient even comes in for their appointment.

    Helpful community articles:

    Platform: Login modal updated

    The login process now requires users to first enter their login name before entering their password.

    Step 1:

    Login modal 1 - username


    Step 2:

    Login modal 2 - password



    Unarchiving blocked number threads unblocks thread

    In order to protect office staff from abusive text messages, we have enhanced SR Conversation blocking capabilities. There are some instances where abusive messages have to be escalated to practice leadership and potentially local authorities. This new feature enhancement makes it so blocked texts that are archived are not automatically unblocked. This makes it easier for staff to report messages and still protect the practice from SPAM or abusive messages.




    Release Notes
    Hilary Melander

    Hilary Melander

    One of the most empowering moments in her career came from an "ah-ha" or "lightbulb" moment when she realized that creativity is simply problem solving. This realization sparked an enthusiasm deep inside for problem solving and has been the impetus driving her career as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager. Hilary has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Utah and a Masters degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University. She values community involvement and just completed 4 years as a squad leader on Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team and the Friends of SLC Search and Rescue 501(c)3. She currently serves on the board of the neighborhood HOA.

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