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Release Notes 11-6-20

Posted on Nov 06, 2020 by Hilary Melander


    In this release we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Increasing carrier message deliverability by building a URL shortener within SR Conversations, Recall, Groups, and Pre-visit Instructions
    • Creating the ability for SR Intake to support patients missing DOB and/or address in the Solutionreach platform by removing PIN authentication in these instances
    • Making a small but meaningful enhancement for the customers using the Manual Missed Appointment messages
    • Fixing a bug related to SR Intake and Pre-Visit Instructions


    Platform & SR Conversations: Add URL shortener in SR Conversations, Recall Group, and Pre-visit Instructions

    Practices often include a URL linking out to landing pages for scheduling purposes or to provide important information about cancellation policies, parking instructions, and etc. To save valuable character length practices use common URL shortener tools such as bit.ly to shorten the URL. However, carriers are now blocking these messages in an effort to protect consumers from SPAM. This directly impacts our ability to send messages to patients.

    The good news is there is a way around this challenge. Carriers are allowing A2P (Application-to-Person) text platforms like SR Conversations to send messages with a shortened URL as long as the tool used to shorten the URL was built in the platform itself.

    In this week’s release we updated the platform to include a URL shortener in SR Conversations, Recall, Group, and Pre-Visit Instructions. This new release will increase message deliverability and empower organizations to share important information that would have otherwise been much harder to do.

    URL shortener
    URL shortener Groups
    URL shortener Recall


    SR Intake: Don't ask for verification when patient is missing information or no demographics are in the packet

    Up until now, offices had to gather demographic data such as date of birth (DOB), address, and phone number to be able to send a digital intake packet to a new patient. With this release, patients no longer need to have DOB and/or address information in the system to complete the intake form.

    What you need to know...

    Moving forward, practices will no longer see errors when sending intake to patients without DOB or an address on file. They are now able to send packets from the Action List, Schedule, Patient Profile and SR Conversations to all patients within Solutionreach.

    Patient authentication is only needed when Solutionreach will pre-populate patient data into the intake experience. As a result, patient authentication will only occur in instances where patient information is pre-populated in an intake form.

    To help keep track of completed intake packets, the completed packets report tab displays the patient name entered in the packet. Additionally, the following statement has been added to the SR Intake generated PDF containing the information submitted by the patient:

    "This packet was completed without the patient verifying themselves. Please review it carefully. We recommend reviewing the information with the patient at their appointment before making changes to the patient’s record in your system."

    The purpose of this statement is to notify an office on when the patient has not authenticated themselves as the person filling out the packets.

    This single release improves the customer experience in the following ways:

    1. Allows all patients to complete intake invitations sent as a pre-visit instruction
    2. Allows sending to patients if data entry or sync errors don't provide the correct information for the patient
    3. Creates a better experience for new patients and patients where no demographic information is being requested

    Platform: Add informational wording on the Post tab when Missed Appointment Manual is activated

    In instances where a PM does not provide a missed status to allow Missed Appointment messages to send automatically, we have the ability to activate Manual Missed Appointment Messages in appAdmin. If that feature is activated the following alert now displays on the Post tab:

    “Please note: These messages are not automated. Missed Appointment messages can be manually sent from the Action List. Learn more here.”

    This small enhancement will help customers know that they need to go in and manually send these messages.



    SR Intake: Pre-visit instructions making messages Undeliverable for those with Email addresses

    A bug in the system prevented Reminders with the SR Intake token to actually send to patients when the practice did not have Household messaging on. This issue has been corrected and Reminders with the SR Intake token are now performing appropriately for all clients.

    Release Notes
    Hilary Melander

    Hilary Melander

    One of the most empowering moments in her career came from an "ah-ha" or "lightbulb" moment when she realized that creativity is simply problem solving. This realization sparked an enthusiasm deep inside for problem solving and has been the impetus driving her career as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager. Hilary has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Utah and a Masters degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University. She values community involvement and just completed 4 years as a squad leader on Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team and the Friends of SLC Search and Rescue 501(c)3. She currently serves on the board of the neighborhood HOA.

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