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Release Notes 2-12-21

Posted on Feb 12, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Adding search and filter updates to the SR Intake Quick View Report
    • Fixing the Surveys Sent report for Practice Select customers to count Post Appointment surveys
    • Improving the way Care Credit tokens and links are displayed in newsletters



    SR Intake: Add patient search and filter updates to Quick View report

    SR Intake users want the ability to filter, search, and download this report so that they can more easily identify patients who have already received intake packets and patients who have not yet received intake packets. This release improves the customer workflow by implementing the following improvements:

    • User can search for a patient to view the packet invites that have been sent
    • Added to filters
      • Appointment date range
        • Default is blank and does not require an entry for filtering
        • Checkbox to include n/a in results (aka invites sent from SR Conversations)
        • by default, this is selected to show the n/a results
    • Select All and Deselect All to filter sections
      • Included on: Packet Name, Packet Status, Icon status to make it easier when checkbox lists are long
    Filter options for SR Intake quick view report



    Platform: Care Credit newsletter token issues

    In this release, we fixed the text vanishing on the preview screen, fixed the preview for the other care credit image token so that it would go to the subscriber’s site, also fixed the generic links (non-CC) in newsletters so that if the user links to something like “www.google.com” instead of “https://www.google.com” it will just prompt them if they want to add the “https://” instead of adding the current URL of “https://www.smilereminder.com/sr/newsletters/….”

    Practice Select: Fix Surveys Sent report to count Post Appointment surveys

    The current report was only counting the Direct Surveys that were sent instead of both survey types. The report has been updated to count all surveys sent by the practices.


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