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Release Notes 2-4-21

Posted on Feb 05, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Reconciling the data in the Reminders Sent by Month report
    • Moving SR Intake demographics information to the Packets page

    • Removing mentions of our online university from the Action List

    • Creating an iPad app for SR Conversations

    • Adding the SR Smart Reviews template to the SR Conversations mobile app

    • Fixing a bug that caused intake forms to timeout



    Platform: Reminder Messages Sent by Month reports reconciled between the platform and Practice Select

    The Practice Select report was pulling data from different tables to calculate the reminders being sent and it wasn’t factoring in the Voice reminders. We have now updated the practice select report to pull from the same data sources as the report on the individual level and it also includes Voice.

    Note: This report is the total number of appointment reminders that were sent during the month. This is not a report for the appointments scheduled in that month. For example, if my appointment is March 1st and I received a weekly and a daily reminder in February, those reminders will be counted in the total for February.

    If the patient has an email and cell phone on file, they would receive two reminders and both of those reminders are added to the total. For example: If I receive my weekly reminder via email and text, that is two reminders towards the total.

    Platform: Remove SR University section from the Action List

    Our online courses known as SolutionTeach University have been discontinued and have been removed from our support community. In order to reflect these changes in the platform, the "SR University" section of the Action list has been removed.

    SR Intake: Move demographics into the packet creation

    SR Intake users want the ability to select the individual demographics fields to be used at the packet level so that they can request and/or require different demographics information for different packets. This release removes the Demographics tab and moves the information from that tab to the Packets page.

    SR Intake Packets page with demographics information

    SR Intake demographics section, expanded

    SR Conversations: SR Conversations mobile app available on iPads

    Many customers have started using the SR Conversations mobile app from their smartphones but some clients prefer to use iPads within their practices. We have updated the SR Conversations app to include an iPad layout.

    SR Conversations: Smart Review template now in the SR Conversations mobile app

    In the desktop and browser versions of SR Conversations, customers can use the SR Smart Reviews template to send review invitations to patients. This release adds the SR Smart Reviews Template to the SR Conversations mobile app.



    SR Intake: Forms Timing Out

    Some patients have encountered instances where intake packets would time out while they were being completed. This has been fixed.


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